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Students for Global Health is teaming up with Street Cramps to end period poverty in one of the UK's most unequal cities, Cambridge.

by Street Cramps x Students for Global Health in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Women's periods don't stop and neither do we. We want to set up a sustainable cycle for women to have access to period sanitation whenever they need it. 

WHO WE ARE: We are an 8 person team as a part of the Students for Global Health Subcommittee - Sexual and Reproductive health teaming up with Bimini, founder of Street Cramps. 

Our team; Tamara, Lydia, Stephanie, Lily, Emma, Sara, Pranjal, and Lucy, is passionate about promoting sexual and reproductive health rights and arduous about creating positive change in our community. As Cambridge students, we have a unique perspective on the drastic inequalities facing our city known for prestige and wealth where homelessness is drastically under-reported. We are working with shelters to reach women who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of experiencing homeless to donate sanitary boxes for their periods.  Providing these necessary sanitation products will help women in Cambridge tackle the unequal cost of being a woman and provide a feeling of cleanliness and dignity.  

OUR PROJECT: We will use our fundraising to create period boxes for homeless and underserved women experiencing period poverty in Cambridge.

Why is this important?

A woman in her lifetime uses on average 11,000 sanitary products, this amounts to £18,450 on tampons, pads and pain relief, how do you afford this if you're on the streets? The average period costs £492 annually, tampons costing an average of £7, this is a cost that women on the streets can't afford. Many women on the streets are choosing between food or tampons and food wins every time. By providing a woman with basic sanitary needs they are also given the dignity that they deserve.

The box:

Each box will provide a woman with:

> Pads/Tampons - These are basic items and essential for women on the streets, they are forced to use things that are demoralising and could potentially cause health issues. 

> Clean underwear – This item is very important as the women love getting new ones as they sometimes only have what they are wearing.

> Wipes & Deodorant - These both are for comfort and personal needs, helping them to feel less uncomfortable. 

> Heat pads - To deal with cramps. Pain relief can't just be handed out and when they don't have access to hot water for water bottles or any other way of dealing with pain, these are air-activated pads that stick straight onto the body to help relieve the pain. 

Your pledge:

£10 pounds can provide a woman with essentials for one month, £120 could provide a whole year. Whatever you pledge will be put towards providing the women with boxes. Whatever funding we get will continue to use to create the packs.


Help women in Cambridge today by donating today!


Join our Free Online Period Poverty, Sustainability and Activism Panel 

20 Nov 2020 - https://www.facebook.com/events/3571307486287599/ 


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