Story Bento

Story Bento

Story Bento aims to both engage and raise awareness of the local Lewisham refugee community, equipping us to respond to this relevant issue.

We did it!

On 22nd Apr 2017 we successfully raised £1,200 with 3 supporters in 28 days

Like a satisfying set meal, Story Bento is a curated programme of events that will both engage and raise awareness of the local refugee community in Lewisham. The ultimate aim would be to aid integration between the refugee and local communities as well as to equip the community as a whole to respond to refugee issues which will only become increasingly relevant. The events include:

'The Visitor'

A project that takes place in local schools, 'The Visitor' is an educational and immersive experience featuring an experiential audio walk that will be adapted to each individual school playground; tunnels will be transformed into boats and ball courts into camp sites, where the children are brought through the life and journey of a refugee from Myanmar to Deptford. Supported by educational material that coincides with the existing curriculum, the children are encouraged to engage with the surrounding relevant issues and made aware of the struggles of those in their community who've had similar experiences.

This was previously presented at Tidemill School in Deptford, more details can be seen at our webpage here.

'Tell me your story' 

Working with director Kristine Landon-Smith, this project features a headphone verbatim performance technique which will be taken into Lewisham's only British Vietnamese refugee community centre, FORVIL. The project brings local artists into the centre where they collect interviews of personal stories from the FORVIL community and then performs it back to them in a special presentation at the centre itself. 

Over the past 3 years, Trikhon has managed to grow a strong relationship with the usually reserved and hidden British Vietnamese community in Deptford.  Apart from social integration, our other aim is to promote engagement with the arts and to create work that is accessible and relevant to them. We believe that this will be very special and meaningful to them as well as stimulating. Furthermore, by doing so we hope to inspire them with confidence, encourage them to express themselves and let them know that the arts are inclusive and for all.

'Passing Home Once'

Business is open as usual for a local Vietnamese restaurant in Deptford, however, diners are taken on an unusual and unique experience at the table. As they steam over a hot bowl of Pho (Vietnam's famous home dish), a story of trails, perseverance and new beginnings begins to unravel with their noodles. Working closely with a sound designer in Vietnam who will compose the audio using real soundscapes from Vietnam and Deptford, the audiences will be transported via an authentically immersive audio experience. 

Trikhon prides itself in having a special focus with helping to promote the Vietnamese diospora amongst the wider community. Our aim is to increase their visibility and encourage a stronger sense of awareness of the community amongst the public. 

These events will also be presented at Lewisham Story Festival in Autumn.

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