Street animal rescue in India

Street animal rescue in India

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On 23rd Apr 2017 we successfully raised £5 with 1 supporter in 56 days

The goal of this campaign is to raise funds for Animal Aid Unlimited (AAU), a street animal rescue organization in Udaipur, India. For almost the last fifteen years, they have been working tremendously and tirelessly to rescue and shelter thousands of big and small street animals in Udaipur.

They work not only to provide care to the animals themselves, but are also dedicated towards educating citizens of Udaipur on how to respond and call for help upon coming across animals in need. I was introduced to them in August of last year and have since then been so continually amazed and inspired by their efforts that I decided it's time for me to do a little something of my own as a show of appreciation too.

For heartwarming examples of the kind of work AAU does, please view the videos from the following videos from our gallary.

AAU is a self governing organisation and does not have a stable income source . All the funds required for treatment and care of street animals come from he hard working members . Although till now we have rescued hundreds of animals, we seek more financial help in order to provide them better facility and medication.

The support will be also used in creating a permanent shelter for big animals who are disowned and are not able to take care of themselves .
Currently we don't have a permanent shelter for those animals .

Your support will be a step in providing a better life for those poor souls . They need our love, they need our support . Please help the campaign for this lovely cause .

We don't only need your financial support . We need you to share this campaign on your social media pages, even if you are not donating . Also you all are heartily invited to our organisation in Udaipur, India . Whenever you guys are in India, have a visit there, contact us and share a day with us in this good deed.


Animal Aid Unlimited (AAU)

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