Street Animal Care

by Tracey Goodman in Ethiopia

Street Animal Care


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Money is needed to care for and rehome orphaned and sick animals as well as work with vets to control the street animal population.

by Tracey Goodman in Ethiopia

I am working with a vet and another volunteer to foster, care for and rehome animals in Addis Ababa. We take animals into our home, feed them, bring them to health, neuter them and find new forever homes. Both Simona and I have fulltime jobs so work every hour that God gives us. 

At present there are no rescue homes for animals in Addis Ababa. Pet food is not sold in the supermarkets and the vets are working hard to do their best. As far as I know, I am the only qualified pet groomer in the city.

There is a problem with street dogs, though they are friendly and somehow survive. The Ethiopian Government deals with this by regularly putting poisoned food on the street to kill the dogs. This does not only affect the street population but I have heard of owners losing their pets due to birds carrying the infected food and it being dropped in gardens. Those of us that walk our dogs have to make sure our loved ones don't eat anything on the walks. 

Added to this there is a strong religious belief that dogs and cats should not be neutered. Locals do not keep their pets indoors and owned dogs and cats roam, repopulating the streets.

I aim to work with vets to capture, neuter and release street dogs.  Any money raised would be used to feed, treat, care for and rehome the dogs and cats of Addis Ababa. I would also like to reach communities to educate them in the care of their animals using local English/Amharic speakers. 

Let's make 'Street Animal Care' happen

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