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by StrEAT Food Brazil in Aylesbury, England, United Kingdom

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We blend traditional Brazilian street food bites with British flavours. Help us make our franchise dream a reality and join our journey.

by StrEAT Food Brazil in Aylesbury, England, United Kingdom


About Us

StrEAT Food Brazil is a family run business that brings a new range of delicacies to the street food industry.  We blend traditional Brazilian street food bites with British flavours to offer a range of filled mini churros and savoury canapés.


Our Story

Giorgio and his wife, Fabiane, created their business in 2015 - fulfilling a dream to bring the amazing, tasty and unique Brazilian snacks of his childhood to the UK.  With 20 years experience in the catering industry, Giorgio knew that he could blend his favourite flavours of Europe with the culinary techniques that he learnt back home as a child.  Most importantly, he saw these bites filling a gap in the catering marketplace.

Giorgio used to help his Mum and Grandma prepare the traditional ‘Coxhinas’ for family occasions - these are savoury filled dumplings in the shape of a chicken thigh (coxinha means ‘little chicken thighs’ in Brazilian).  Added to the filled Mini Churros as the dessert, there is no doubt that Golden Bites offers a unique, authentic and high quality Brazilian product range.


Over the past 2 years Giorgio & Fabiane have taken their bites to over 98 events, many of which were Street Food Markets, and sold over 9,000 portions of food (equivalent to c. £50k turnover alone).  The popularity of the products, and the feedback received, has further strengthened Giorgio’s belief that there is really something in his Brazilian Bites.

The Future

We are crowdfunding to raise £20,0000.  This will fund brand development, and the lease & livery of the branded van.  If we dare to dream for a stretch target of £25,000 then it will also allow us to plan the first franchisee event to pitch the business proposal to serious investors.

The ambition for the brand long term is for it to become a national franchise business to capitalise on the significant rise in the Street Food industry.

Reasons to Believe

There are many, but here are just a few:

  • The street food industry is booming - it grew by 9.1% between 2017 and 2018 and is worth £1.2 billion. Consumers see street food markets and vendors, when done well, as offering a much more authentic product and are therefore willing to pay extra for that experience. This isn’t just about convenience.
  • Giorgio & Fabiane have created a truly unique product for the catering industry.  As the growth in international food abounds, there is nobody doing traditional Brazilian food.  The savoury bites are completely unique and, while there is an increase in Churros on menus in the UK, these are filled churros which are not easy to achieve at a high quality level.  
  • Giorgio has worked in the catering and hospitality industry for over 20 years, so really knows his stuff.  He started in 1998 working for Walt Disney World, the leading hospitality company worldwide.  He has also had very high end experience, working as a Pastry Chef at Harrod’s for 3 years and then at the 1 Michelin star restaurant, Hakkasan.  
  • As well as Giorgio’s experience in the catering industry, the final reason for success are the values and work ethic of both him and his wife, Fabiane.  Giorgio is not a huge character of a chef.  He is a humble, kind, passionate person who really believes in his food - and this belief means that he has never given up on his dream of owning and running his own business.  They work incredibly hard, managing all parts of the business themselves.  From food production, events, and logistics.  He has even been known to drive the van to get his products to customers!   

The Rewards

If you have read this far, you clearly have a passion for food and believe in Giorgio & his business dream.  

Thank you and now it is time to pledge!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£1,000 or more

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Party Brazilian Style!

Our first-ever StrEAT Food Brazil van will come to your party and serve our deliciously authentic bites for the evening. A totally exclusive experience and one that is guaranteed to wow your guests. Also on offer will be our range of mocktails for those who aren't drinking alcohol. Only 5 of these are available and it will be a great way to enjoy your investment in a personalised way. Numbers per party are restricted to Covid regs

£25 or more

StrEAT Food Brazil Vouchers

For each pledge you will receive 5 vouchers for our tasty Brazilian street food snacks worth £5.50 each. We will keep you updated with our regular Street Food events across UK and invite you along to redeem your vouchers.

£50 or more

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Have your name on our vans

We are currently designing our StrEAT Food Brazil van design. For a £50 pledge we will incorporate your name. You will be part of our branding, and we will always remember how you have helped us launch and grow. We will also keep you updated with our latest news and events and invite you down to local street food events as we extend our reach across the country.

£100 or more

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Name a Mocktail

To increase our offering to customers, we will be introducing mocktails to our street food menus in 2021. We would love to invite you to name a mocktail and we will send you a framed print of your drink on our menu board! In addition, we will add you to our newsletter so you can receive all our latest news and events and come along to Street Food events as we extend our reach nationwide.

£250 or more

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Afternoon Tea

For just £250, we would bring a Brazilian themed afternoon tea to you and 5 friends. A menu that will be bespoke, and created by Giorgio himself. Accompanying the Brazilian bites and other goodies will be cocktails / cocktails and tea or coffee, fully served by our team. This is a unique experience, only available to our valued investors. We will also keep you updated with our latest news and invite you down to local street food events.

£500 or more

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Create A Flavour

You will get invited down to the StrEAT Food Brazil kitchen in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire - where the magic happens! There you will work with Giorgio to create your very own flavour of either a dumpling or filled Churro. If our expert team of tasters like it (which we normally do) then it will be an official product of the month on our Street Food menus. Come and join our very own wizard of Churros!

£1,500 or more

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Become a Corporate Sponsor

If your business feels that StrEAT Food Brazil is a great fit culturally and visually, then become our partner. Your logo will be included on our website and other key branded material, and you will be offered preferential rates to cater at company occasions. You will receive quarterly updates on our business performance, and growth ambitions. And you will be given first refusal on any future fundraising that we undertake.

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