Stream Freedom Limited

Stream Freedom Limited

I would like Crowdfunder assistance in a new Media business startup, based in Newquay, Cornwall.

We did it!

On 11th Jan 2017 we successfully raised £11 with 2 supporters in 56 days

Stream Freedom Ltd is a Live Events Media company specialising in Video and social media broadcasts & live updates.
Using the latest mobile-network bonding technology, which combines several 3g/4g mobile networks and/or any available Wi-Fi networks on site to produce a strong live-stream connection, we are able to produce high quality 1080p or 720p professionally captured video feeds.
This allows broadcasting to Youtube/ Facebook live (or similar platforms) with an extremely small equipment setup and specifically delivers a huge market advantage in locales such as Cornwall where mobile network coverage is far superior to local broadband speeds without requiring direct line of sight to satellites or broadcasting vehicles popular with other live-streaming companies.

The global video streaming market to grow from USD 30.29 Billion in 2016 to USD 70.05 Billion by 2021, at a CAGR of 18.3% during the forecast period. – Rohan (Markets & Markets) 2016


We will offer the following services;

  • Live-Streaming - Capture your audience

Nobody likes the be the one behind the lens at a party!
Have your full event shared live with your audience, gain new levels of social media interaction or allow thousands a front-row seat to share precious moments.
Various packages available to suit your budget.

  • Social Media-Management- Live Event updates

Keep your followers updated with the latest highlights & proceedings while you enjoy your event with our Social-Media feed management service including pre-event build up to maximise your online audience.

  • Advertisement Integration - Thrill your sponsors

Add advertisement reels from your associates into your Live-stream or maximise company exposure by incorporating sponsor logos and banners into your social-media feed with our Advertisement Integration service & thank them for their support

Future plans for business growth:

In one year the business will have one additional full time camera operator & a part-time streaming technician (this staff member can be an apprentice) offering additional coverage and flexibility to offer to clients.

In three years, there will be three established teams consisting of a camera operator, a presenter and a streaming technician. Each team able to operate on a separate function independently increasing event coverage and company assets.

In five years the company will purchase its own servers to maintain an independent ability to stream high quality video without data traffic obstacles and offer further hosting services to future clients.


The Objective is to bring Live-streaming to Cornwall in an approachable and affordable way, with affordability being maintained through the use of a much smaller, mobile equipment setup than competitors, with this in mind I have applied the following list of pricing for your consideration.


Initial package £300.00 per day

Includes: 1 x HD Camera + operator broadcasting full, live-video to your YouTube/Facebook Live channel.

Social Media Management Service: £150.00 per day

Includes 1 x Stream operator. (please note. This service is separate to our live-stream service)

Advertisement Integration Service: £200.00

(includes 1 x streaming technician on site)

Optional extras:

Post event edited DVD:  £50.00 – Detailing the highlights from your event.

Additional product(s) offered in the business’ future will include:

+ 1 Additional HD Camera + operator: £275.00 per day

Giving additional coverage and angles to your event, footage will be selected between feeds to give your audience the most dynamic viewing experience possible.

+ 1 Presenter: £150.00 per day

Allow our experienced presenter(s) to showcase your event for your viewers, delivering an audible accompaniment to your proceedings and interviewing key participants where appropriate.

Current Progress

  • Registered with Companies House , #10424353
  • Business plan, financial forecast & Memorandum complete.
  • Will feature Live-broadcasting the UK Pro Surf Association events in 2017 competitive year if successful.


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