Stray Cats Family Needs Your Help

by Nicole Levit in Prenton, England, United Kingdom

Stray Cats Family Needs Your Help
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Meet the lucky family of 6 cats rescued from a Polish forest. Incredibly lucky because of the current situation, there are more than 10 thou...

by Nicole Levit in Prenton, England, United Kingdom

Meet the lucky family of 6 cats rescued from a Polish forest. Incredibly lucky because of the current situation, there are more than 10 thousands of stray cats living just in one Polish city of Gdansk, therefore all the newborn litters get put down. Luckily this family came across the charity that decided to fight for them.


They are currently in my house (I'm temporarily living in Poland), however this is not a happy ending yet. Despite all the cuteness, they are a lot of work, and due to the fact that the mother was a stray- a lot of costs too. When she came to our house she wasn't producing any milk so it resulted in 5 very angry newborn babies. We had to immediately purchase some milk replacer and specialistic bottle. We had to also immediately handle mothers malnutrition and get her specialistic mother and baby cat food to make sure she has everything she needs to produce enough food for all the babies. The mum also received the milk replacer to drink, which is high in calories and nutrients what made her breasts slowly start working. 

Due to the fact that babies were born outside, the entire family developed respiratory issues that resulted in multiple vet visits as well as various medication including antibiotic injections. Whilst this is under control and the family is doing amazingly well, it resulted in even more costs. 

The cat family is officially under care of the local charity called "Pomorska Fundacja Braci Mniejszych" (and we are the fosters). However, the charity itself is EXTREMELY stretched. This is the summer season (with record numbers of abounded pets in Poland) and the problem of stray pets population is just too overwhelming. Despite only being a small charity, they currently care for over 200 cats and are in the process of neutering hundreds of strays in the area of Gdansk. I feel truly heartbroken to see how much they struggle and how much costs just one cat family can add up to their debt. 

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The current costs account for over 1350 PLN/ 275 GBP already (details on the bottom of the fundraiser page) and there will be way more soon- worming tablets, vaccinations, and of course- neutering. These three things alone account for another minimum of 1300 PLN/ 265 GBP of vet bills in the future. Therefore the target of 500 GBP has been set.

We would be EXTREMELY grateful if you could help us raise the target so together, we could sponsor this beautiful cat family. Otherwise it would be truly heartbreaking to know that the charity cannot continue its wonderful work because of the financial burden of it. 

Disclaimer: the funds, once raised will go directly to the charity "Pomorska Fundacja Braci Mniejszych" Anything raised above target would be used to help lower stray cat population in Gdansk (there is currently more than 10 THOUSANDS cats living on the streets).

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- 240 PLN / 50GBP on specialistic mother cat food (ROYAL CANIN® Mother & Babycat)

- 402 PLN / 80GBP on 6 packets of specialistic cat milk replacer (Lactol)- we went through 4 already

- 34 PLN/ 7 GBP cat bottle feeder

- 211 PLN / 43 GBP two first vet visits (covered by myself)

-  400 PLN / 80 GBP approximate cost of the rest of the vet visits so far (covered by the charity but I will try for them to send me the costs spread out to share here)

- approx 70 PLN / 15 GBP for SCANVET SCANOMUNE 20 MG medication (immunity booster)


1598032422_img_6846.jpgThe mum and babies aged 3 days old

1598032485_img_0050.jpgToday's picture- they are exactly 2.5 weeks old now!


They are now very playful but still learning how to walk


One of the many vet appointments at VetCare Przychodnia Weterynaryjna in Zukowo, Poland.


Vet bill after the first visit when one of the babies developed severe cough (choking like symptoms). She was then tested and given antibiotic injection which carried on for another 4 days. Unfortunately a week after finishing the course, symptoms returned and she (now called Gina) was returned to the clinic. The vet suspected Pneumonia but luckily the scan showed that the lungs are completely fine. Gina is now on the second dosage of antibiotics and is having another vet appointment tomorrow.

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