Gunsan: Trap Project

by Samuel G Davies in South Korea


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As dog-meat farms close down, dog-catchers are targeting strays to sell for dog meat. We need trap-cages to safely capture and re-home dogs.

by Samuel G Davies in South Korea


SUMMARY: Dog meet farms are being closed down all across Korea, fantastic! However as suppliers become more fanatic stray dogs are at a real risk. We are partnering with a local organisation to safely capture, sterilize and re-home these strays in Gunsan to prevent them falling into the hands of the dog-meat traders. To do this we need large dog trapping cages and funds to support this project.

ABOUT US: myself and my friend from the UK quite our jobs in London to come to Korea to campaign against the dog-meat trade. We work for Save Korean Dogs (SKD)  whose most successful program involves working with different cities and municipalities to sign-up to the ‘dog-meat free’ campaign, then using support from the cities officials to close down dog farms, rescue, relocate and rehabilitate the dogs for adoption. Our dog meat free campaign is now entering its 4th year with great success, shutting down 5 farms and 3 restaurants, directly saving 960 dogs.


 We have being working with some truly amazing groups active in rescue and treatment of abused and stray animals, either from dog meat farms or from the street. Together we are working with SKD on a campaign to close down dog meat farms by getting cities to sign up to go #DogMeatFree. SKD has already had great success with this campaign having Bucheon and Jeonju cities sign up and actively close down all official dog meat farms. 


THE PROBLEM: As the supply of dog meat is reducing in South Korea, there are many more ‘unofficial’ dog meat catchers on the street targeting stray dogs and even reports of pet dogs. Dog meat catchers, reportedly use very inhumane methods to catch stray dogs and are becoming more active as farms close down and the unit cost of a dog increases. It becomes more and more profitable for them to take stray dogs off the street to be sold into the meat trade or to farmers. We recently visited Gunsan City to speak with there department of agriculture about joining our campaign. We will be working with a local shelter called Gunsan DogLand, to address the problem of stray dogs in the city and the risk they face of being forced into the dog-meat trade. 

WHAT WE NEED: Stray dogs in Korea are notoriously hard to catch- they have to be to survive. To be able to safely capture them and transport them to new homes we need 5 dog-trap cages. This fund raiser is to help with the purchase of these cages, 1 is being gifted from SNIP International and 1 donated from the Save Korean Dogs Shelter. We are now Crowdfunding for the remaining 3 plus shipping to get them to South Korea (a cost of £1498.81).


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