Strawberry Hill House Ice Rink

We are raising funds for the temporary community ice rink at Strawberry Hill House to bring back Twickenham's heritage of ice skating.

We did it!

On 16th Dec 2014 we successfully raised £5,055 of £5,000 target with 17 supporters in 42 days

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Our Stretch Target


What will I use the extra money for?


Allow school children, youth groups and disabled groups to skate at a discount.

Fund ice marshalls to coach free of charge.

Help with the running costs of the project.

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We are raising funds for the temporary community ice rink at Strawberry Hill House.

Our ice rink is called Richmond Rink  (at Strawberry Hill House) after the well known rink in East Twickenham which closed down in 1992 and is known as the Most Famous Ice Rink in the World. Many famous people learned to skate at Richmond Rink including the princesses Elizabeth and Margaret.

The rink was not only a place for sport but a social hub which has been long missed. Twickenham Alive brought together many of the former skaters from the old rink last year at a temporary ice rink in York House in Twickenham and this year we are moving to the beautiful Gothic castle nearby in Strawberry Hill. The team of people who manage the rink are ex Richmond Ice Rink skaters and their families and friends.

This project is also a sports, community and heritage project: the heritage of skating in Twickenham. Also a percentage of ticket sales will go to the upkeep of historic Strawberry Hill House, the home of Horace Walpole who wrote the first Gothic novel. Strawberry Hill House has undergone restoration which is still ongoing and the pure white, turreted Grade 1 Listed building will make a spectacular backdrop to the rink.

Last year we organised Richmond Rink in the tennis court of the Council offices. Although a bit cramped it was very popular. Our feed back forms show that people thought that we had the friendliest and most helpful marshalls and the best ice.

We gave out free booklets last year which were memories and stories of people who skated at Richmond Rink. If you go to this website you will find a copy of this. Stories include "Condesation and tobacco smoke" by Richard Buxton, "Another fine Arosa Room romance" Helen Strutton, How can something dead remain so alive?" Gary Gibbs,"The heart of a proud, old local treasure" Chris Nelson and "Kings, Queens and Maharajas" David King.

We  have support from Stone Rowe Brewer, solicitors, the RFU and more (see the Richmond Rink partners page).

We hope to offer rewards which will be of interest to funders but the venue itself (the beautiful Gothic castle: Strawberry Hill House) and the presence of the Stormtroopers will be a draw to many if we can get the funding in place.

 Richmond Rink at Strawberry Hill House

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