From Stratford to Central

From Stratford to Central

I'm hoping to pay tuition fees for an MA in drama therapy to then work with children in the social sector in schools, prisons and hospitals

We did it!

On 29th Mar 2018 we successfully raised £135 with 5 supporters in 56 days

Why I'm here...

I have started a crowdfunding page to try and get as much help as possible to help me fund my university tuition. Recently I was lucky enough to be accepted onto the MA in Movement and Drama Therapy course at Central School of Speech and Drama, starting in October 2018.

I say lucky as this is a post graduate masters degree, yet i do not hold an undergraduate degree. However, i was accepted as a mature student due to my previous experience and potential.

I currently work in a school as a teaching assistant, working with children who have special and behavioral needs. I have worked in this role the past 7 years and developed and progressed as far as I can, being promoted to a higher level 5 teaching assistant. I love working with children, specifically the more vulnerable children and feel that physical interaction using movement and acting can really develop their progress, whether its educationally, physically or emotionally but would love to develop these skills further and become more specialized in this area when working with children.

I feel that our emotions alter every aspect of our lives and if we are able to express them, through the medium of movement and drama, we can help regulate our feelings and ultimately improve all aspects of our lives.

I say this with great confidence as I have had some experience learning and using drama techniques in the past, with the children I work with in school, going out into the public in theatre performances, and also personally on myself which I found very helpful and useful. 

My past...

Before I worked as a teaching assistant, I attended East 15 drama school and did the foundation acting course. Here i learnt about 'Forum Theater', where we invited the public to watch us perform our original pieces that focused and tackled important social issues such as homophobia, racism and family abandonment to name a few. After we performed, members of the audience were able to enter our performance and try and break the oppression they had just witnessed. This opened up many important discussions and taught the performers as well as the spectators different ways of dealing with difficult social issues and oppression that occurs in daily life.

Whilst at East 15 i also learnt about 'Labans movement fundamentals' and how different pressures and movement can link and recall different emotions within our minds and help regulate ourselves, which can often particularly work well with people with autism as their senses are heightened and different pressures can help regulate themselves.

When i attended East 15 it was nearly 10 years ago, so I wanted to re connect with my acting and drama background and get more  of an insight into the actual therapy side of drama therapy so I attended and evening class in 'An Introduction to Drama Therapy' at the Open University. Whilst there it reignited my passion and drive to pursue a career in drama therapy. It also helped build my confidence and deal with personal and emotional issues in my life that I Wwas going through or had previously buried. Using the different techniques i had learnt helped me massively and I want to be able to pass these techniques and experiences on to others.

My Future (with your help)

The reason I want to do this course is because in the future I would love to work in schools, prisons, pupil referral units and hospitals working with children who are vulnerable and in need of extra care, whether they have physical special needs or behavioural needs or have even just found themselves down the wrong path or have emotional needs dues to past trauma. Any young person I believe deserves a chance, and i feel that acting and movement provides a fantastic way of expressing and dealing with isssues that some people may find difficult to express just through talking.

Ultimately I would love to start my own charity, working with children from war torn countries using drama therapy on how to deal and move forward after trauma they may have experienced. Of course that is down the line, however I see massive potential and optimism from this course.  And of course, before getting there, I do need to learn a lot more and develop more of an understanding of drama therapy before continuing on my path, and that is why this drama therapy course is so important to me and all the help in funding is very much needed.

I am a working mother in London and currently searching and putting together a whole portfolio of potential funding i can get to help me pay for this course. As a mother of a 2 year old and working part time, financially it can get quite difficult as it is for many, that is why I am searching and looking for all the funding and help I can get and once my course is finished I can put my experience and knowledge back into the community through my work. 

I want my daughter to see her mammy in a career she loves, and for her too see the joy and importance of helping others less fortunate then ourselves and for her to never take anything for granted.  with this opportunity and your help I also want her to see she can do anything if you put your mind to it, even if the odds are against you, you just have to work hard and go for it, have passion, faith and determination.

From 5k to a Marathon

Other than crowd funding, saving and selling tie dye baby clothes,  I am also trying to raise sponsorship through running (I hate running and tried to get out of it every week at school, as a grown adult I still think of excuses and try and get out of it every week myself!) It may be a small, but I ran my first 5k back in December and I have signed up for my first 10k in march. My plan is to work my way up  to a half marathon and then a full marathon.

So, if you need an extra incentive to help me on my journey of becoming a drama therapist, could you please sponsor me to give me the encouragement to continue with my running on these long, cold, dark nights! I promise to keep you updated on my progress and even post sweaty selfies of me at each event. Ha!

Where the money will be going

I am hoping to raise £15,000 as I need to pay for my tuition fees, which are £8,292 per year and it is a 2 year full time course. The money funded will be going straight to the school. All other expenses, I have and I am continuing to save for. So every bit helps.

THANK YOU  so much to everyone who has taken the time to read my page and donate. It is extremely appreciated. I will keep you updated with my progress! :)

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