The top five crowdfunding tips from our project owners

by Crowdfunder | Jan 26, 2022 | Learn

The top five crowdfunding tips from our project owners

Having successfully crowdfunded, our project owners are some of the best people to tell you all about the crowdfunding journey. So don’t just take our word for it! Here are five top crowdfunding tips from our project owners! 

Each week, hundreds of projects close successfully on our platform having raised the money they need from the crowd! One of our favourite things is to catch up with them months or sometimes even years later to find out what they’ve achieved. When we do, we always ask if they have any tips to help Crowdfunders of the future! 

So here are five top tips from our project owners to help you on your own crowdfunding adventure.

1. Tell your story

One of the most important things when it comes to crowdfunding is to tell your story in an engaging way! When people land on your project page, they need to know why you’re raising money and what the money will be used for. 

Jamie Robinson from COVID-19 Survival said, “I think the key thing is to make your front page story captive and include a really good video to explain your project to funders and fundraisers. Also be creative with rewards so users get something back for giving.”

2. Plan the promotion of your Crowdfunder before you go live

Planning is super important when it comes to promoting your Crowdfunder. You need to create noise around what you’re doing and get people excited to support you! Having your posts and PR activity planned out makes the crowdfunding process much easier. Make sure to read our blog on the six types of content to promote your Crowdfunder

Jamie Murphy from Your New Gregson said, “Planning was really important so create a buzz on social media before the Crowdfunder goes live. Have a lot of posts ready to use, specifically videos.”

Additionally, Alec Jones-Hall, the Director of Cherishers, told us, “I would suggest that you make sure you have prepared your campaign, press releases, and social media activity prior to the campaign going live. This helped us really focus the crowdfunding activity and ensured that we kept on track to smash our 100% target.” 

3. Be realistic about your target and be honest about where your money is going

Whilst there is no limit to the amount of money you can raise through crowdfunding, we do recommend setting a realistic target. The amount you can raise really depends on how big your crowd is and how much your idea resonates with new supporters.  

Your supporters will also want to know how the money you raise will be spent. You can include a breakdown of the funds on your page so people can see this information clearly! 

Karen and Chris Longhurst from Board Cafe explained, “Be honest and be realistic. We asked for the minimum amount we felt we needed. This was so others would benefit from the money we didn’t ask for, and also to give us a more attainable target. Could we have used £10k? Certainly! But we found ways of not needing that much so our target was a lot more achievable. We were very detailed and specific about why we needed the funding, and what it was going to be used on, so anyone wanting to pledge could see where their hard earned money was going.”

4. Have a range of rewards available

Rewards are a fantastic way of encouraging more pledges on your Crowdfunder! It’s best to have a range of rewards at a range of prices to ensure there’s something for everyone. 

Ruth Wainwright from Feminsit Bookshop and Cafe told us, “The second [thing that helped] was having a range of rewards available that were accessible and value for money, like £5 for coffee and cake in the shop when it opened.” 

Karen and Chris Longhurst also had multiple reward options available! “We also made sure there was a wide range of pledge options – many people could only justify £5, but when we had a £250 pledge pop into our page we were ecstatic.”

5. Be determined 

Crowdfunding can be time consuming and there will be moments of doubt during the process, but as long as you’re determined and have a ‘can do’ attitude then everything will be so much smoother! 

Friedel Fink from Big Sis CIC told us, “Be determined! We have successfully funded our project in times of a global pandemic. Many times we wanted to give up, believing that it was impossible to raise funds at this time. Our example proves different.”

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