Daydreams of a kid in a hospital room

We would like to raise funds to create the first demo of illustrated children's story book. It includes 12 instructive, moral stories.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Our project is interactive story book about a kid whose name is Ash.

Ash has to live in the hospital room because of sorrowful reason - leukemia.


Ash finds a magic rubik's cube. By turning pieces of cube Ash sets the time and space and starts to travel. Everything is possible during Ash's jorney. With the help of magic cube Ash can turn to any creature anywhere in the world and live any life. Ash has to face a lot of adventures and exciting discoveries, make important descisions and overcome difficulties. All of it will bring readers to a final step and help to solve a puzzle: was it a real magic or only daydreams of the kid in the hospitl room.

This book includes 12  stories of Ash's adventures, all of them are about different animals. The main idea is based on twelve links doctrine of Buddhism, where each link is asserted as a primary casual relationship between the connected links. Stories are not religion related. They don't have any religious subtext.

Our project is not only storytelling. We also wanted to do something special for kids who have serious health problems such as leukemia or the others. We regullary donate blood for kids with blood desease, but now we decided to use our skills either.

We are young and happy family. I am a musician and my husband is a software developer. We prepared the very first demo of the first tale and illustrations. I composed 12 tunes for each tales,  and it will be an interactive story book.  Applications are on the way of development. And we are doing the application development tasks. So far we created everything, tales, graphics, musics and we did all the work to create the first demo video. And we want to work with professional proofreader, illustrator and narrator to develop and publish our project which we truly believe in its success.  And create the very first professional demo  in order to proove what we can achieve to and where we can take this project. As a result of the fund we are hoping to raise, we are going to spend this fund for professional illustrations, proofread and narrator and extra expenses for the first tale's (Ash is the lion Carl) professional demo.