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Stamp Out Drink Spiking Across the South West

by Dawn Dines in Matford, England, United Kingdom


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This project will only be funded if at least £2,500 is pledged by 16th December 2020 at 11:59pm

Drink spiking is unacceptable. Rape, robbery and even death are reported outcomes. We want to stamp out drink spiking across the South West

by Dawn Dines in Matford, England, United Kingdom

This project will only be funded if at least £2,500 is pledged by 16th December 2020!!


What's the problem?

Drink spiking is a hugely under-reported problem that affects people the world over, most cases aren't even reported to the police, but it is increasing year by year according to UK police forces. The results, from a series of Freedom of Information requests, show a 108% increase since 2015 in the number of reports to police forces, which include both the words 'drink' and 'spiking' or 'lacing". This issue is really pressing across our society.

What's our solution?

StopTopps are innovative drink-protectors that have been designed to deter drink-spiking this is the key objective and main area of focus. There's the choice of reusable plastic lids, suitable for most glasses commonly found in pubs and clubs, or we have single-use sticky-foil tops that suit cans, bottles and smaller glasses. The product itself is innovative as there is nothing else on the market which actively prevents drink spiking. In addition the product addresses the pressing societal challenge of drink spiking in conjunction with the work of SOS Global which seeks to provide educational support to young people about drink spiking .


How will the crowdfunding help?

Currently StopTopps are mainly used in the Devon area, we want to use the crowdfunding to branch out across all of the South West of England. Dawn's vision for the project is that StopTopps are used in pubs and clubs across the United Kingdom and eventually beyond, so that people can take an active roll in their own safety. 

Sounds great! How did it all begin?


The idea of StopTopps came to Dawn shortly after an experience she had when she was backpacking across Australia at 21 years old in 1989. Continually being asked out for dinner by the same man Dawn, who at the time couldn't afford such luxuries as fancy dinners whilst backpacking, relented and made it very clear there were no strings attached to the date. During dinner Dawn went to the bathroom and on returning the mans hand pulling away from her drink. He looked guilty and her gut said that something was wrong, very wrong. She smiled and returned to the bathroom, climbing out of a window that was too small to fit through and ran for her life.

Dawn has faced innumerable personal challenges to get SOS Global and StopTopps off the ground. At the age of 40 in 2008 she discovered that she had dyslexia and suddenly things that hadn't made sense before started to add up to her - she wasn't stupid, she was dyslexic! This new knowledge gave her the confidence she had been seeking and later that year pitched the idea of anti-drink-spiking lids on the BBC series Dragon's Den. Taking the advice of Peter Jones that it would be more effective as a social enterprise, she set about with the creation of SOS UK, the non-profit community interest company behind StopTopps and SOS Global.

StopTopps are for everyone! 

Huge thanks to Jackie Restrick for this glowing endorsement of our product and mission to stamp out drink spiking! Jackie is a bit of a radio star right now, having been featured on Devon Live’s website, ITV News Westcountry, Radio 1 and Radio 2. Thanks for the love, Jackie!


1) We are dedicated to stamping out drink spiking (putting alcohol or drugs into someone else's drink without their consent): it is never acceptable!

2) Everyone has the right to know exactly what they are putting in their bodies and should feel safe and secure when out for a drink with their friends.

3) Drink spiking is often done without malicious intent but the consequences can still be catastrophic - We aim to ensure people understand this.

4) The culture of disbelief about drink spiking needs to be challenged. We believe it is  entirely wrong that a victim of spiking should ever feel guilt or shame for what has happened to them.

5) We intend to empower individuals to make better decisions about keeping themselves and others safe when socialising and to provide the education and tools to help them do so.


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