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Seeking money to pay for professional camera equipment rental.

by Jack Cunningham-Nuttall in London, England, United Kingdom

After the success of my 'Stop The Stabbing' short film I was asked to produce another movie.

I am currently studying film, business and acting.  I have featured in two major movies.  (My IMDB link)  I really enjoy the filmmaking process, especially acting and directing.  I did learn a few hard lessons on my last project, mostly that these projects are expensive, especially when you strive to achieve high cinematic quality.  I like to use the best cameras, lenses, lighting and sound equipment available, which I will rent.  I will also use a professional film editor and colourist.

I have a great completed script and all of the roles will be performed by my acting colleagues from Chubbuck Youth UK.

The movie is called 'Mise en Scene.'  Almost everything takes place inside an acting studio.  

Pitch:  A massive riot happens outside an acting studio which has a profound effect on each of the eccentric characters trapped inside.  The plot twists in several ways, shadowing the events taking place outside.  The comedy aspect plays on fictional drama versus real life drama.  

I have reached out to a BAFTA winning actor to play a cameo role.

The style is 'film noir' / dark comedy.

To see my previous short film, go to www.stopthestabbing.org  


Let's make 'Mise en Scene' happen

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