The crucial next few weeks see final Article 50 amendments discussed in Parliament, we want to make our voices heard as loudly as possible.

We did it!

On 17th Mar 2017 we successfully raised £14,347 with 490 supporters in 14 days

Help Stop the Silence on Brexit!

We’ve had such an amazing response to our original billboard crowd-funder, with lots of people now asking how they can donate, that we’ve decided to re-open it.

This week our original fund got a powerful message out to 10 million people across Britain, our video went viral – 170,000 views in the first three days after launch – and 500,000 have seen our message on Facebook.

With the help of our original pledgers, we got the debate out of social media and into the streets.

Will you help?
In the crucial next few weeks that final amendments to the Article 50 bill are discussed in Parliament, we want to make our voices heard as loudly as possible by MPs and peers. We need more money to do this…

What your money could buy
The exact campaign will depend on how much we raise and how we think we can be most effective. Here are some examples:

  • £5,000 could get us another week of our Westminster poster van, so Peers and MPs will see it right up to the final vote
  • £7,500 could mean extending the van AND boosting our social media tactics to get our message out to even more people.
  • £10,000 could help our supporters on the ground get our message out to people on the streets of the UK
  • £35,000 would be enough to get adverts in national press ahead of crucial Commons vote
  • ANY sum means we can boost our existing campaign and get us a bit of admin support

Stop the Silence
If you can, please contribute to this new fund, and encourage friends and family too. We need MPs and peers to take our concerns seriously! We need the country to take these concerns seriously.

Why are we doing this?
We don’t believe the Government has a mandate for the hard Brexit outlined in its recent White Paper.

We don’t believe the country should be left with ‘deal or no deal’. This leaves us with no safety-net if the majority of the country doesn’t like the deal negotiated with the EU. We didn’t vote for this because these questions were not on the ballot paper.

We believe it is unacceptable that millions of UK and EU citizens face such uncertainty about their futures. No one voted for that!

The current culture of intimidation and abuse, online and in the media, goes against this country’s traditions of fair and open debate. We need to stop the silence that surrounds hard Brexit.

Pledge to our fund and we will get that message heard more clearly than ever.

Thank you!

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