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Every 4 hours someone dies of sepsis, #StopSepsisNow will increase awareness of the signs and symptoms.

by Sepsis Research in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Do you know the signs and symptoms of sepsis?

By clicking to donate today, you will help to #StopSepsisNow and support Sepsis Research. We will highlight the symptoms and work to drive down the number of deaths caused  sepsis.

Karen Jackman is an Aviva colleague who lost her mum to sepsis in May 2019. Here, Karen shares her mum’s story.

"Mum had a real love of life, a smile that lit up a room, full of fun and so thoughtful and caring. No one had a bad word to say about mum, she had time for everyone and always put them first. She was the centre of our family. My dad, sisters and I had the perfect family life and we were incredibly blessed.

Mum and Dad had just returned from a holiday in Malta. Life was good and all appeared well. Then three days later she was rushed to hospital with tiredness, lack of appetite and what anyone would assume were flu-like symptoms.

An initial diagnosis was an infection and over the next 24 hours, as they tried to identify the source, hospital staff gave her general antibiotics. It took a couple of days to confirm it was sepsis. We had heard of sepsis, but we hadn’t appreciated how serious it can be nor that quick diagnosis is essential. 

Over the next week we were with mum 24 hours a day. We were lucky that the hospital found a tiny room for us so we could be close by, taking it in turns to sit with her. We didn’t want her to worry about us or to be scared. 

She was in and out of consciousness over the next few days, occasionally helping us with a crossword or correcting us when we wrongly recounted a family story. We had so many stories to share, so many good times, so many laughs. It was never a duty to spend time together as a family, we genuinely enjoyed each other’s company. 

That time together gave us the chance to tell mum how lucky we were, how much we loved her and to ask her to keep fighting. She promised us she would.  

For every small point of recovery, something else knocked her back. It seemed so unfair.  

A week later, after another scan, we were told that mum’s chance of survival was poor. If she did survive, she would have no quality of life and would require 24/7 care. Because mum was healthy prior to the infection and with no underlying health conditions, she continued to fight on. 

She had promised us she would fight and she never broke a promise, she never wanted to let anyone down. But in this case the fight was too much. Sepsis had taken over and we had to watch our beautiful mum’s body give up.

A week later, she passed away peacefully. She was only 75. Her parents lived well into their 90s so we weren’t prepared. We were totally heartbroken but thankful she was at peace.

Please support Sepsis Research, this amazing charity who help raise awareness and fund much needed research into sepsis. 

The support from my friends and colleagues has been amazing and we will continue to fundraise. If we can stop another family from going through the heartbreak we feel every day, then Mum’s legacy for caring for others will continue".

"She would be so proud, as she was of us everyday".

What is Sepsis? Sepsis arises when your body’s response to infection spirals rapidly out of control, injuring its own tissues and organs. It takes hold quickly and can cause death or have life changing consequences.  Sepsis is indiscriminate. It kills 55,000 people every year and it can affect anyone, regardless of age or health.

Sepsis is one of the few remaining illnesses in developed countries that can kill a healthy adult in a matter of hours. Someone dies from sepsis every 4 hours. Knowing the signs and seeking urgent medical attention will save lives.

#StopSepsisNow will bring attention to Sepsis and make everyone ask;

"Could it be Sepsis?"

By choosing us today you will help to #StopSepsisNow and drive down the number of deaths as a result of sepsis.

£2500 from this Aviva Crowdfunding campaign will deliver a high impact social media awareness campaign. We will also display the symptoms of sepsis on hundreds of washroom posters. We will educate, inform and remind everyone of the signs and symptoms associated with sepsis and encourage prompt medical attention.

In 2019 we reached 1.78 million people. This year we want to reach even more. 

With your help we can #StopSepsisNow.

Thank you for reading about our project. Please donate today.

Let's make '#StopSepsisNow' happen

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