#StopBrexit Beermats

#StopBrexit Beermats

To print and distribute #StopBrexit Manifesto Beermats to counter Brexiteer Tim Martin's Wetherspoons Manifesto Beermats

We did it!

On 9th Nov 2017 we successfully raised £1,940 with 105 supporters in 7 days

#StopBrexit Manifesto Beermats

What's the Story..?

The ever delightful owner of the Wetherspoons pubs, Tim Martin (who told Remainers to "put a sock in it" earlier this year), has decidedĀ to launch his own Brexit Manifesto on the back of a beermat...

The Wetherspoons Brexit Manifesto Beermats Design



So What Are We Going to Do About it..?

Madeleina Kay AKA EUSupergirl is teaming up with EUFlagMafia to print and distribute our own #StopBrexit Beermats with an exclusive @albawhitewolf design! These beermats will be posted out to crowdfund backers and to local Remain groups to leave in pubs, bars and even Wetherspoons (along with your dirty old socks) if you dare to venture into the pro-Brexit dungeon!

#StopBrexit Manifesto Beermats Design



Please support us by donating to the crowdfunder or pledge for your own pack of #StopBrexit beermats!

The more we raise, the more we can print! And the more we can distribute the more people will see our message that Brexit must be stopped!

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