Please help me raise a proportion of the funds I need for an Degree in Business at King's College London starting this September!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I am currently studying Business Management. Only 3 months into my course and I am unable to afford to finish even my first year as living is SO expensive as a first year student. Unfortunately I can't turn to family as they recently past away, therefore I want to make them proud and hopefully get my degree!

Given the opportunity to raise this money I would be able to continue with my journey at university.  I am currently under a lot of pressure as I have to full time job as well as attend all of my lectures and seminars everyday. This is very difficult as I have a scarce amount of time in order to study and do well because it is essiantial that I work in order to pay for food and rent.

If I am fortunate enough to raise this huge amount of money, I will instead on only using if for academic need and anything that is left over I intend on giving it to charity.