Stop the Wensum Link

by Stop the Wensum Link in Norwich, England, United Kingdom


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Help us stop the irreparable damage the Western Link poses to the nationally important landscape, habitat, and wildlife of the Wensum Valley

by Stop the Wensum Link in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

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Melanie Peake 10th September 2021

It is entirely myopic and senseless to build this link road through the Wensum valley. Biodiversity net gain is not a good enough mitigation (or any mitigation at all) for the willful trashing of the environment and subsequent loss of vital biodiversity inherent in acts like these.

Dr Paul A Smith 6th September 2021

Once gone it can never be replaced .Protecting the natural environment, our environment,our world, begins at home. There is no sound rationale for ignorant destructive development, it should be challenged and stopped

jules.kent 3rd September 2021

Please keep up your hard work. The world needs more folk like you. Thanks for trying to save this amazing and irreplaceable ecosystem. Most humans only seem to value objects that other humans make. If only we all took the time to really study nature then we would all realise that nature is extraordinary in every way possible and so deserving of the utmost respect and protection. X

Andrew Calder 1st September 2021

We are part of nature, the living planet. We are of the Earth, not separate. The natural world is not a resource for us to harvest. If we destroy nature, we deeply hurt ourselves. Feel the shame, if we destroy nature’s beauty we will be denying future generations - we have no right to do so.

Laurie Goering 1st September 2021

In this era of climate change and nature loss, we need to get our priorities straight. I hope this helps those of you fighting this good fight achieve that.

Mair Bain 21st August 2021

Thank you for trying to stop this destructive scheme. We're in a climate and ecological crisis. Road building destroys biodiversity and increases carbon emissions... it is directly worsening the crisis. Road traffic has to reduce to meet climate targets and we need fewer private vehicles on the roads. It makes no sense to be wasting public money on more roads when we need to scale up public transport and active travel infrastructure to reach net-zero transport emissions.

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