Stop the smart meters roll out

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Stop the smart meters roll out
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To challenge the governments roll out of smart meters by organising a media campaign .

by dennis clarke in

We need to launch a counter media campaign that exposes the shameless lies, misinformation and brainwashing that this government has sanctioned through its agency (Smart-Energy GB) The public is being scammed and misled into believing a smart meter is in theirs and the national interest . It isnt .

Currently and up until 2020  a £100 million pound media and advertising blitz has been launched , and a choir with a world renowned conductor that will extol the virtues of this gadget is being planned for airing on TV  . The government will not reveal the cost of it . Money being no object as they aren't paying for it .

Smart meters are free . I wish ! the roll-out is costing  11 Billion pounds . Cost will be recouped by a levy on every consumer well into the future .

Secure data ?  Not secure . Like any device that transmits over the air they will be vulnerable to hackers and data could be stolen as has happened to NHS and banks .

Spy free ?  Not so , the opposite these devices are data hungry and monitor all activity including loads , dates , times , debt  , some smart meters have much more sophisticated software that is capable of building up a profile of the energy user. Eventually this information could be used by the marketing arm of energy companies  and its likely  governments would  allow customer details to be flogged off to interested parties as they do with drivers details on the DVLA database. 

Ofgem supports these meters which is no surprise to anyone , given their light regulatory control on the power companies as evidenced in their reluctance to reign in their profiteering, monopolistic  practises which has led to millions more people living in fuel poverty.

They will provide huge benefits to the consumer and streamline UK energy market ?

-A  'Moneywise'  survey found that 47% of people they surveyed didn't have a meter , nor did they want one . 

People do not trust this government and believe rightly that the  past and present rip-off culture of the energy companies will prevail long after the roll-out ; as they make meter readers redundant , pocket the savings and plunge millions more into fuel poverty .

The technology will be obsolete within 5 years. The first generation ones  installed 3 years ago are now obsolete.

There's little evidence so far that smart meters will save energy according to MP Grant Shapps  -just  a measly  £11.00 per annum . The  claim that people with busy lifestyles will monitor  their usage is nonsense , the novelty will quickly disappear and the displays will end up in a drawer with all the other junk.

Consumers will be able to change supplier more easily . That may or not be true , however predatory pricing will become the norm as  energy firms begin to introduce "surge pricing" in order to charge households more for gas and electric at peak times, a former senior Ofgem manager has warned.

Smart meters act like a spy in your home , all the data is stored on servers that can be hacked just as banks were recently. Customers details including consumption , peak load times indicating the patterns and types of appliances being used all vulnerable to hackers and predictably so rich is this information the government may allow the targeting of consumers based on the data held . 

Smart meters don't bring an end to estimated bills as the meters use mobile phone technology , a poor reception area will prevent transmission of data.

Smart meters 'pose security and other risks , security experts have warned that they are vulnerable to viruses that can spread between different devices, and cutting some individual energy supplies off. 

 In summary this is scheme is immoral when so much of the UK is crippled by austerity . Mental health budgets decimated , police manpower down by 20.000 , potholes costing motorists millions in repairs . Stop the roll out and plough that money into something that will improve the quality of peoples lives  and stop lining the pockets of parasitic ad agencies, auditors, corporate legal firms, and the many thousands others in the city who will be  leeching off the tax payer aided and abetted by their good friends in government .

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.It is hoped we will achieve our target of £100.000 .

Countering the lies will require a full blown media campaign in order to expose the obscenity of blowing billions of pounds on a scheme that will be obsolete within 5 years . All donations greatly appreciated . Thanks in advance


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