Stop the boris brexit before it’s too late

by John Allsopp in Mexborough, England, United Kingdom

Stop the boris brexit before it’s too late


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To stop boris and the brexit deal

by John Allsopp in Mexborough, England, United Kingdom

Boris Johnson, the charlatan-in-chief and serial liar who led the Brexit campaign is now our country’s Prime Minister.

In less than a hundred days, Johnson is on course to crash this country out of Europe without a deal. Nobody voted for this hardest of Brexits in the flawed referendum of 2016 but Johnson will be doing his very best to persuade the country that they did.

We plan to stop that happening - using facts, creativity, humour and confrontation.

Back in January we started a guerrilla poster campaign that morphed into the largest entirely crowdfunded political campaign in British history. We plastered the country in more than 300 billboards, projections and one giant 800 sqm banner, from the White Cliffs of Dover to Parliament Square. We sparked countless conversations nationwide around accountability and Brexit.

But now it’s time to raise our game.

We’re sitting on a treasure trove of Boris Johnson’s hypocrisy which we can use to undermine his ability to force through his illegitimate Brexit in a few weeks’ time. By showing the nation what an unreliable and dishonest person his is, we make it harder for him to hoodwink the country into backing his plans.

Just as before, 100% of everything we do is funded by the contributions through this page (our personal expenses are being covered separately) so the more we raise the more lies and hypocrisy we can expose. 

A billboard costs roughly £1,000 so £10,000 = 10 billboards, £100,000 = 100 billboards. Every penny raised goes towards making these interventions happen, nothing else, and we are only limited by our collective ambition.

We make our own hope in these bleak times, so let’s step up and stop this undemocratic Boris Brexit.

Thanks for being a critical part of it,

Let's make 'Stop the boris brexit before it’s too late' happen

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