Legal Action: Stop MMU/CIPD Harassment & Bullying

by V. Strain in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Legal Action: Stop MMU/CIPD Harassment & Bullying


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Raising legal funds to take both organisations to court to stop harassment, intimidation, threats and defamation.

by V. Strain in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

I am crowdfunding to take legal action against two organisations that are threatening/harassing me for whistleblowing on bad workplace practice, discrimination and lawbreaking in Higher Education.

I was employed at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) for almost 3 years, during which time I was subjected to disability discrimination, gender discrimination and bullying. I was forced out of the organisation for raising a formal grievance on this.

After leaving MMU I made a number of protected disclosures under the Protected Disclosures Act 2014, and received various threats from MMU for doing so. One such disclosure was to the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD). At the time of disclosure I was unaware CIPD had working/financial relationship with MMU and that one of the people I was making disclosure on had personal relationship with the CIPD CEO.

Earlier this year I unexpectedly received a heavy legal threat from CIPD for making those protected disclosures. Further data disclosures showed MMU had conspired with them on this threat (illegal). During this time I have also been subjected to further intimidation/bullying from the Head of Regional Affairs at MMU and the CIPD internal solicitor. It has taken some quite sinister turns, and I have reported various individuals from both organisations to the police for their threats, but I need to take legal action to stop the harassment, threats, intimidation and defamation. I need to raise funds to do this.

I am living in fear of their next threat and feel the only option is to leave Greater Manchester/UK as they seem intent on not stopping until they have shut me down by any means possible. They are intent on ruining my career (are influencing job interview panels at other universities), are threatening/intimidating individuals who interact with my social media (threatening them directly to not interact with me), and they are intent on keeping up this campaign with no clear objective other than to shut me down for good regardless of the laws that exist to stop them doing this. This is an indisciplined and orchestrated bully pile-on and campaign of enmity that has spanned two years and needs to be stopped.

I am raising funds to take legal action to 1) have MMU & CIPD answer to the harassment/threats to-date and to have them held legally accountable  for attacking/threatening me for making protected disclosures on their law-breaking; 2) take legal injunction against MMU and CIPD, and an associated HR consultant to stop any further threats/harassment.

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