Stop Minnie from being put to sleep, get her to Uk

by Sarah Jane Wilson in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

Stop Minnie from being put to sleep, get her to Uk
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To get Minnie back to the Uk before she is out to sleep

by Sarah Jane Wilson in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

Minnie was one day old with a broken leg and left abandoned starving until we found her. I took her in as a foster Mum and nursed her back to health caring for her day and night until she grew into a lovely caring furry friend. I decided to keep her as I fell in love with her. Last year I had to quickly move away to support my family and couldn’t afford the transportation, very sad to leave her we managed to find her a home with a friend I could trust to look after her. Always a nervous cat she is a bit of a character but very shy so she has turned into a recluse spending her time hidden in the desert caves near their house. My friend is now moving house and so Minnie's food supply will stop. We’ve managed to get her into the house but her future is bleak, if she can’t be rehomed she will be euthanized, something she doesn’t deserve. I have space for her here in the UK but don’t have the funds to get her here (c.€600), please help her live the rest of her life in comfort and back with her original carer, just a few pence from everyone who cares about cat welfare will soon add up to a wonderful life for Minnie

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