Chip In To Help Stop Mass Homelessness

by The Big Issue in London, England, United Kingdom

Chip In To Help Stop Mass Homelessness


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Chip in to help our campaign to stop mass homelessness

by The Big Issue in London, England, United Kingdom

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Jenny Barradell 28th November 2021

It is shortsighted not to help people to keep their homes both financially and in mental and physical health outcomes. Much more needs to be done to prevent homelessness by offering advice and support.

Andrew Perrin 19th November 2021

I volunteer at a drop in centre in Colchester Essex. I get to see first hand what our homeless friends go through day after day. And I am right behind it, it's a pity our government doesn't feel the same.

Flo Storey 7th October 2021

I was shock to find out from reading in the Big Issue that it costs a lot more money to keep someone in the street than being re-housed! It’s morally wrong to keep someone in the streets and it doesn’t make financial sens !

Peter Ethelston 23rd September 2021

I never give a moment's thought as to whether I will have a roof over my head other than to be very grateful for it. In an ideal world, no one should have to. No one wants or chooses to be homeless - it's not urban camping! We have to be sort this out - other countries have so we need to learn from them.

John Ricketts 22nd September 2021

Well done Big Issue for campaigning and raising awareness of the blight homelessness causes on people's lives and wellbeing. Prevention is always better than trying to deal with the horrendous consequences.

Kathleen Vaschel 9th September 2021

Friends, please support this campaign and sign the petition. Everyone has the right to decent housing and to remain in their homes. Everyone needs a stable home to be able to take advantage of opportunities available in other areas that can benefit their lives in every way.

blazinggg 3rd September 2021

'Everyone In' was a great success and resulted in many local people being in settled accommodation. 'Everyone out' must not happen as England gets back on its feet and hotels that were used for this are recommissioned by their owners. I'd like to see a Universal Basic Income in England as well as in the devolved nations to help prevent homelessness.

Nina Lee 13th August 2021

We need to help and support those people and families who cannot help themselves before it is too late. I urge the government to step up and provide housing, benefits and funds now which will support people in need.

Diana Barnes 11th August 2021

We subscribe to the Big Issue and have been following the campaign. Lockdown showed that it was possible to end homelessness temporarily- lets make it a permanent possibility. We appreciate that not every rough sleeper wants an actual roof over their head, but all need support.

Bob Lindsay-Smith 10th August 2021

There was no progress made during lockdown, when local groups found homes for many rough sleepers. Of course homelessness is not just about sleeping rough - there are many more without a decent home. Don't let more people be so squeezed financially that they end up without a decent home.

edward-leigh 9th August 2021

It is a disgrace that in such a wealthy country as ours, we find hundreds, maybe thousands of people without support when they most need it. No-one should need to sleep under the stars unless they choose to do so. We are all people of this beautiful world, let us show care and compassion for those who need it now.

Michael James French 1st August 2021

Solving homelessness is a matter of political will on the part of Government. It is a condemnation that the scourge of homelessness is increasing in one of the richest countries in the world.

Grant Lewins 1st August 2021

Nobody should be homeless in a wealthy country like ours, unless they personally choose to be. This campaign deserves to be supported by everyone who's lucky enough not to be homeless.

Karen Blake 30th July 2021

I fully support all that can be done to help the unnecessary homelessness that the government is creating due to their lack of real understanding and compassion, very often of those who work at low paid jobs in very necesssary areas of employment for the good of others.

Joan Cooper 30th July 2021

A home should give a person security and stability and contributes to creating good citizens. With the overall wealth in this country everyone should be able to be a good citizen.

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