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Hi,My name is Andrei, i'm a young male who wants to start living a normal life again. Since i was young i had a lot of aspirations about my ...

by ANDREIAID in London, England, United Kingdom


My name is Andrei, i'm a young male who wants to start living a normal life again. Since i was young i had a lot of aspirations about my future, and i was always telling my friends and family i will be someone that will be remembered. So it was, i was a brilliant student, i've studied Engineering in Power field so the future wasn't a boring one, but it was really against my passion which was modeling. Yes, it's true, i used to be a male model, doing catwalks, having a nice life, being all the time in the middle of attention, having a lot of nice people around, going to private parties. Until a friend invited me to a party which was hosted by a Casino. That was the moment i always wanted to forget, as i started to gamble, little by little, winning at the beginning, until step by step i was to much into it, and i started to borrow money, i made even few loans into my name, until a i got to a so large amount that made me to be the slave of the money. I couldn't even enjoy the little things that the world gave us, like a walk into park, or watching the sky at the sunset, with all those beautiful colors that God created, to stay for a moment and take a look how wind is blowing into trees. Yes as you already understood, i'm a romantic person as well. It's really hard to push yourself and try to be the person you want to be, considering you have such a pain in your soul, which you can't give up because you can't find a way to pay all your debts. There are already 3 years since i quit qambling, but the reaction of what i did in my past is still following me, as my debt is really felling like heavy a stone on my chest. I'm trying to find the power to fight against it, but sometimes i feel like i don't have power anymore. After my family found out about my problem, they kind of cut me off from their lives, as my father was the one that said he didn't thought me like that and now i need to pack my things and move. So i did, i left. And since then i'm working to rebuild myself. Today it's my rebirth date, 3 years since i'm working just to pay my debts. In these 3 years i accomplished to pay back about 38k, after covering the life cost for me and my younger brother, but considering i need to pay back another 87k, that means i need 7-8 more years just to clear off the balance. Like every young man, i consider i don't deserve forgiveness, but i believe in redemption. I want to start it from point 0. To build my own family, to have kids and to work for them. To prove my family i'm worthy and maybe i deserve a chance from them. My dream is to finally escape from this nightmare and start again my life, do what i enjoy and maybe with your help i can do that.


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