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On 25th June 2017 we successfully raised £107,972 with 4848 supporters in 100 days

We're taking on the hate campaigns of the Sun, Daily Mail and Daily Express by persuading brands to pull their advertising

by Stop Funding Hate in London, England, United Kingdom

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bodzac 15th March 2017

What a great thing to be able to support... and a real pleasure to be able to offer a little support to enable you to have an even greater impact...

Amin Saleem 15th March 2017

This is a fantastic project that I hope to be able to get strategically involved with. It falls very will with my own current mission to affect positive change for all using the joint power of our consumption. People and Planet before Profits are what it all should be about. I am building a Social Enterprise Search engine that will make it easier to support this campaign at http://www.enterprise-hub.org.uk

Michael Starling 14th March 2017

Every time Waitrose send me an email I reply asking them politely to stop funding hate. I fear that they are not listening though. What I need I a screenshot of a Waitrose advert next to hate filled content. Does anybody have one?

Tanya Dixon 13th March 2017

Keep doing what you're doing! I for one, think it's well needed and also is a positive action to reduce the hate inducing media that seems to be gaining momentum. I'm with you all the way!

Stop Funding Hate 5th March 2017

In response to your comment John Powell - we will be doing that! With some of the money raised we're going to improve our website and build a tool so you can see who is advertising and who isn't. Thanks for your support!

John Powell 4th March 2017

I totally support what you are doing and it is great to know from you who I can avoid spending my money with if possible. May be if you read this - there could be a list of companies that don't advertise in these papers.

Sat Mann 25th February 2017

Well done on starting this movement, let's all help it grow and overcome the hate. Delighted to be able to support your fantastic work.

Peter Dirken 22nd February 2017

Finally something positive I can do to get these awful excuses for a paper to change their divisive, hateful writings - well done and good luck!

josephine.shaw 17th February 2017

Great work. This is so needed. Every time we buy products from a whole range of big companies, some of that money is ending up in the pockets of these horrific newspapers via the advertising they buy in them. Million of pounds - to fund them writing more bigotry, more hate. I don't want my money ending up there.

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