Stop bailiffs taking advantage of this virus  .

by Help me, help others in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Stop bailiffs taking advantage of this virus  .
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10 years ago Marstons bailiffs coerced me into signing a financial agreement whilst i was in mental health care .they failed to disclose it

by Help me, help others in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

As this awful virus plagues the country and ruins lives and businesses it takes me sadly back to ten years ago and the global credit crisis .It takes me back to the start of my mental health hell .It takes me back to bailiffs and my local council destroying everything i had worked for and in turn destroying the real me .

I  want to make sure today that no one else suffers like i did .

Due to the circumstances it is  perhaps  inevitabl business will be forced to the wall and marstons and others will prey on them.using illegal tactics like they did with me ,abusing people under care and generally acting like dog shit .

 Because of this virus out of their control and because of the behaviour of partners that work for public authourities with unlawful methods and morals.AKA BAILIFFS their lives will be ruined 

.im forced regretably to act this way as even elizabeth filken ex chair of citizens advice now working with marstons doesnt think multiple abuses by marstons  are serious.Its clear this virus will spawn a resurgance of a old virus 

Everyone will know bailiffs are not the nicest of people .Lets face it who would choose to work as a bailiff through choice .Depressions like this when local councils need to collect revenues in ,give bailiffs a chance to abuse their power.

The councils just want their monies back in regardless of the damage caused.They dont (well leeds cc didnt)respect human rights and  mps you may find  in the area will be  quite happy to turn a blind eye .

10 years ago for a rates bill of 3k that would have been paid a few weeks later ,a bailiff from Marstons came in and deprived my 2 businesses of over 800k of goods .yes 800k worth of goods.Leeds city council sat back and watched as i informed them they were not owned by the debtor .My human rights were ignored and the council sat back and watched 9 hours of assets being stripped .yes for a 3k rates bill ,later proven to be wrong.

3 months later these bailiffs  returned every single item as they had absolutely no right to take them .They had as i had told them seized from the wrong company but rather than apologise held onto the goods in order to force my companies into liquidation.Believing the company to be ltd so not able to fight after litigation they ignored my personal guarantees that would then cause me my homes and everything i had worked for 

.unfortunately by the time the goods were to be returned  i was in a mental hospital caused by the stress of 7 staff losing their jobs and 2 successful businesses .I lost 2 million in assets and i lost every shred of self respect .i lost relationships ,my business reputation but more than that i lost my soul.I couldnt imagine why a council would sit back and watch this happen to multiple jobs but they did and it nearly put me in a coffin 

 .It is my ultimate fear that this is now going to happen again to others  .Other families will lose everything as councils turn a blind eye to abusive bailiffs in order to collect taxes . Unless bailiffs are immediately regulated by a independent body ,bailiffs and councils will continue to abuse those forced into issues by circumstances they had no  control over  .2008 it was the banks now its a virus .

As our businesses will now without doubt  suffer without adaquate support and  funding by our govt ,bailiffs will be rubbing their hands at the thought that businesses cannot fight back.This is a easy pay day as councils simply let them do what they want .We must be better protected 

 .self employed bailiffs will be looking at weak and shattered people and seeing what commission they can earn.They will delight in seizing goods without due care for the law

After the 9 years of mental health issues which almost killed me , i am finally  finding some strength to fight back and amazingly i have found every important  document relating to the sad  loss of my businesses and homes 

.Remarkabley even though i have not worked for 9 years and have had no control over my life  ,my wonderful ex secretary had retained the proof of abuse in a garage .The evidence is a signed document saying we could have our goods back if we dont Marstons for their behaviour

 .unfortunately i was in mental hospital at that time  and staying alive was my priority.i had no energy funds or support to go to court .i do now 

.Discovering these documents brought back the sadness but also proved where my last 9 years of creating good business and creating jobs and family security had gone .This fund is to make sure that document is seen in the public eye and redress is made 

.i have found the very financial document that Marstons hid from the council which they got me to sign in hospital saying i would not sue them if they returned my goods.

Obviousley they never had any right to get me to sign this and they had no authourity from my council.They have recently admitted to the council they no longer use these shit sherlock .the loss of my businesses and mind was purely down to them .The evidence is unarguable

what we also  now know to be  is fraud is the fact that they hid this secret coercian from the council because it was a breach of their contract .Breaching contract when you act for over 200 councils is a serious risk to the company and exactly why it was hidden.

we intend to pursue the directors for misrepresentation under the fraud act along with breaches of human rights ,tort and excessive levy to name a few .The more people that stand with us the more we can be sure these secret deals done with the vulnerable never see the light of day again 

.we want to make sure they never abuse their power again.I want to make sure no one nearly dies because Marstons abuse or interfere with assets And to make sure every other bailiff firm do not  abuse their powers as their pay day returns 

The funds we are looking for are to support our legal fight in the next few months that unless we find support now unfortunately will have to be delayed( due to the virus).

we currently have some support from a experianced legal team but obviously that comes at a price .Your support will be vital in making sure we have a similar legal team to the ones that obviousley these abusers will use.i say abuse because getting a vulnerable person to sign a document whilst in care is abuse ,over 150 councils under freedom of information apart from leeds cc have agreed  

We want to make sure if bailiffs do take goods from people this year as times inevitably get tough they do not get the chance to coerce anyone into mental health and into financial agreements they will live to regret .I also need for my own sanity to get my life back they stole from me.

Hopefully it  will act as a warning to marstons that they cannot any more get vulnerable people to sign documents they then fraudlently hide from a public body.It will hopefully say to councils ,watch your bailiffs because they may cause you a negligence claim and yes Leeds cc will be hit with one of these shortly also 

We must stop anyone who is put out of business from being degraded and abused  by partners of local councils at this awful time.

i will personally thank anyone who helps me bring these 9 years of hell to a end with either financial or personal thanks to them  or by paying it forward in a manner of your choice  .your investment in me and others like me taken advantage of by bailiffs who are unregulated  will help protect a lot of people who dont deserve to be taken advantage of .

god bless you all .please share far and wide to anyone whose business may now be in trouble .Given the lack of support for directors i hope this claim will resonate.

 .Any size of investment is welcome and fully appreciated 


one final thing you will see here i make some serious accusations.for the last 6 months i have asked leeds cc to answer freedom of info questiosn regarding the more seriousn points of the claim they have refused.Marstons have refused and therefore it shows the evidence is strong.i may not achieve this crowd funding due to marketing but they are welcome to replay at any time .given the claimsi make  perhaps they will try sue me ,then perhaps both the council and marstons will finally get what they deserve 

i welcome any help not just financial and can promise you paying it forward for me is important .i hope i can find likeminded me if you can help save others

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Some self satisfaction ,knowing you have definately helped prevent someone being driven into mental health by abusive bailiffs who like to abuse their power in times like this .

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Pledge £100 today and we'll reward you with a opportunity to invest in a stake of our outcome of our legal fight .more importantly you will be taking a major part in making sure marstons and other bailiffs are not allowed to issue any sort of side agreements that are a breach of their contract and a breach of equality law in order to protect themselves against prosecution .

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