Stop a transgender woman becoming homeless

Stop a transgender woman becoming homeless

I need to move to London to find a job but without parents to support me I am struggling to afford a desposit on a flat and other essentials

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Ok, I am finding myself in need of your help. I have been bereft of familial support for quite a few years now, as they seemed to find my being transgender something of a shame and disappointment. This has led to me having to completely support myself over the past few years, which has been gosh darn difficult. Jobs are harder to come by for one thing, which means money has been hard to come by, and that has made pursuing a career even trickier. Also, my current job (au pair work) is coming to an end in just over a months time, so I will also be plumb out of housing soon too. However, I have come by a plan of sorts, and this is where you come in. 

My dream career cannot kick off the ground until I move to Germany,, but to move there, I need to find a house, pay a deposit, agent fees, rent, utility costs, food bills, transport etc. All of this is damn tricky when you’re living paycheck to paycheck, and your paycheck is under £100 a week anyway. So, all I am asking is that people who feel that they can and want to help, please, please, if you can, donate to this fundraiser. 

This is pretty much a last ditch effort, as I am currently using all the monies I have left for travel to interviews, so please do what you can. Every little helps.

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