Lets Beat Stoma Stigma!

by Dawn Cooper in Calveley, England, United Kingdom

Lets Beat Stoma Stigma!
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Our aim is to provide a more fun based solution to young babies and children who require a stoma bag for various health reason

by Dawn Cooper in Calveley, England, United Kingdom

Lets Beat the stoma Stigma!!

While sitting at home watching a documentary on lives in a&e and surgeons I noticed how the after affects on children who have required either temporary or permanent stoma bags and how it affects their everyday mentality. The feeling of being different and hating their bodies more than the average growing teen or child or a parent seeing their infant in ICU hooked to page and machines. I wanted to be able to create a more fun and comfy bag for them to wear.

I was shocked how little there is out there for children and infants who at the age where growing up and bonds outside of home are formed many are left feeling like they aren't normal or worth anything due to their bags. 

I want to be able to give that sense of worth back to a child, where they feel in control and proud to be a bag wear rather then shy away or avoid situations. Situations like holidays or swimming pools where they would normally cover up or not participate and maybe make having a bag fun and cool in their eyes.

I want to bring back a childhood to those who feel its been taken away 

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