Stoke on Trent soapbox derby

Raise awareness of our friendly, creative, progressive city by bringing the community together to create, compete and have great fun.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The aims of this project are to raise awareness of our friendly, creative, progressive city by bringing the community together to create, compete and have great fun.

The Stoke on Trent soapbox derby has caught the imagination of the people of the city, the idea was to create a fun event where anyone from 9yrs old to 89 yrs old could actively take part, but also an event where the whole community could be entertained free of charge.  We have managed to do this,  the outcomes have been numerous and heartwarming. the youngest competitor was indeed 9 and the eldest 70, soapbox karts were built by schools, a training centre, fathers and sons, statutory groups, and various individuals, we engaged with huge numbers of young people,  were assisted by multiple partners, were congratulated by the local press and radio. To cement its usefulness to the community one parent said, "i took my son who has Down syndrome to the event and he loved it" Another person asked, " can anyone come and watch, as my Autistic son loves anything to do with cars and would love to watch this. " A school that entered the event, brought a team of children who can be quite challenging to motivate and engage with. the teachers remarked how well behaved the children were and how this event had a positive effect on them. We were inundated with persons wishing to enter the following year.  A workshop has been set up where anyone who would like help to build a kart can get free hands-on support.

What would we do with any funds that are raised? Firstly this is a free community event, which cost over £6k to put on, fencing alone is over £700! then there is medical cover, insurance, portable loos, marketing, sound equipment to name a few other services that we require, so whatever is raised will be used to pay for the event and secure its future.