Help us equip our new therapy rooms

Extension Progress!


Firstly I want to say on behalf of everyone here at St Luke's thank you so much to everyone who has donated in the early stages of this campaign. Your donations are highly appreciated and will help us gain more backers, get the ball rolling and edge closer to our £6000 target! 

As for the external build, it is progressing quickly and getting higher by the day! As you can see from the picture below, we are now starting to build the walls for the second floor. The building is due to be finished within the next few weeks, meaning the focus can then turn to the interior of the building and looking at turning them into functioning rooms, in particular the therapy rooms that we are running this campaign for.

recent extension update

Thank you so much again for donating to this campaign and giving St Luke's your support. Please keep spreading the word about St Luke's so more backers donate and we can hit target before the campaign time finishes!