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All funds raised will go to the STL4SIBLINGS foundation fund. I will be using the money to make packs to donate to children.

by STL4SIBLINGS Foundation in Rotherham, England, United Kingdom

All funds raised will go to STL4SIBLINGS foundation fund. The funds raised will allow me to make packs to give to siblings who have lost brothers and sisters, a matter close to our own hearts as we lost our own little boy in November age 7 and we have 4 other children who are now 6, 5, 3 and 11 months. The only help and support they have received since Liam died is from us. We are still learning to grieve for Liam as well as keeping strong to help our other children through this. We feel there needs to be more help out there that's easily accessible. With the help of the funds we raise we will also have leaflets made up to hand out to hospitals intensive care units and to funeral homes so they can be given to parents to let them know we are here and want to help their children. 

Each pack will include 

A jute bag they can paint on, a picture or a design remembering their brother or sister or times they had together.

 Some paints.

A wooden slice they can paint or draw a design on to make a keepsake to hang wherever they want.

A 'Remebering' book that they fill in and read either with their parents help or on their own.

'When someone special dies' leaflet (tailored for their age group) under 7 or 7-11 Or 'A teenagers guide to coping when someone dies' leaflet (designed for 11+) 

A personalised picture frame (with both childrens names on) for them to keep a special picture of themselves with their brother or sister.


 I personally feel the children need these things to help them not only feel involved but to help them deal with the loss that they too are feeling.

Child loss is hard, not just on the parents of the children but extremely hard for siblings making it harder for parents to deal with because they just dont have the resources to help their children and lets face it, all we really want to do when our children are upset is make them feel better again. How can we do that if they dont feel part of that loss! 

Please help us to turn our tragedy into something positive for others 

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