Cambodia 2017

Cambodia 2017

I'm spending a few weeks in poverty stricken villages in the poorest areas of Cambodia to help the local families build their communities.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful
What I'm seeking
I have been extremely fortunate throughout my life in what I've been able to achieve, with the support I have around me. Over the last 5 years I have raised money for different charities from jumping out of a 13,000 ft high plane, to climbing the 3500 ft Mount Snowdon in an aim to give something back. 

Though I enjoyed these experiences, I never felt like I was giving as much as I could and  I always wanted to do something more hands on.

Almost 8 years ago I stumbled across 'Original Volunteers' who specialise in worldwide projects so people have the opportunity to make a difference first hand. 
Knowing this would be a life changing experience, I couldn't quite pluck up the courage to live a life so differently for a short while, I feared it would be 'too difficult' for me and life just 'got in the way.'

Well it's 2017 and also the year I turn 30!  I'm tired of saying, "I'll do it next year.."

I've been accepted onto a project in August and my employers have been extremely supportive and allowed me some time off.
About Cambodia
The Cambodian people have had experience in war, conflict and deadly political clashes almost continuously for the past 30 years. 
Poverty in Cambodia is characterised by 
- Low income
- Poor nutrition
- Low educational attainment
- Less access to public services including school and health services
- Less access to economic opportunities
-  A high prevalence of HIV/Aids

Education in Cambodia is one of the worst in the world because they don’t have enough teachers, the schools are too far away from their homes, most families are too poor to send their children to school, so they have to work from a young age.
The Cambodian public health is also amongst the worst in the world. Only 41  LIVE  births out of 1000!!!! 
Most of my good friends have children.. Imagine only having a 4.1% chance of a giving birth to a healthy baby??

The primary causes of death;
- Malaria
- Respiratory infection
- Tuberculosis 
- Dengue fever

**What I'm going to be doing..**
I'm going to be spending a few weeks in a poverty stricken village to help the local families build their communities. 
This involves;
-Teaching children in a rural school- Dance, Art, English, Maths.
- Living with poorer families, helping with hut repairs, preparing food, fetching water, looking after their children, teaching their mothers how to speak English.
- Helping in the rice fields
- Building new projects
- Supporting children in the local orphanage and hospitals
*What I'll need*
- TEFL books
- Art and craft and other subject materials
- Mosquito nets - lots of them!
- Picture books, flash cards, 
- Some of the funds will be able to buy items to provide some comfort and warmth for children at night
- Creating a new vegetable garden
- Hiring a bus to take the children swimming!
I will be funding the entire trip myself, the donations will go towards the local families I will be living with, supplies to enable me to teach, and whatever it takes to bring a smile to their faces! (I hear the girls love nail varnish!) 
The smallest bit of comfort or food would make such a difference to their lives.

Thank you.