I have finally been given the opportunity to study for my Doctorate in Counselling Psychology, would you be kind enough to support me?

We did it!

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First of all, I would like to thank you for visiting this page, it took a lot of courage to get here and I really appreciate your time and support. In many ways it feels like it has been the longest journey ever to even get to this point in my life and in so many ways this is just the beginning! Nonetheless, I thought I would give this a try, in the words of Tesco "Every little helps", although, right now I'm holding on to faith for the impossible!

So....I will try and keep this short..????

My name is Faye and I was born and raised in the town of Northampton. Although I grew up in a single parent household I never felt like I went without or that I was disadvantaged in anyway. I always knew that I was loved and my grandparents also played a significant part in my life which gave me the confidence that I needed as an only child. However, I recognised from a young age that my Mother had to work extremely hard in order to provide for me and maybe I will never know the full extent of what she had to endure throughout my childhood. What I do know is that I have always wanted to ensure that she would be able to see that her investment was worth it. Importantly, I never felt the pressure to be a high achiever and that was never my goal and what I appreciate the most is the encouragement and support that I have received along the way in everything that I have set out to do. This has given me the freedom to experience, explore and choose a profession that I had a genuine interest in and a passion for.

After graduating in 2008 with an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Criminology, I often felt like I was always taking two steps forward and one step backwards. However, with the unbelievable support from my friends and family I kept going. In 2009, at the age of 22, I moved to Bahrain for 2 years to teach as an English teacher. I managed to save enough money to pay for my Masters in Psychological Research Methods at the University of Nottingham which I started in 2011. I studied part-time and worked at a school as a teaching assistant and at a children's home as a support worker, which I have to admit was one of the most challenging experiences of my life. I experienced a lot of hardship at the time financially and I was faced with a lot of adversity from others on my course. As the only black female in the School of Psychology I started to feel like maybe pursuing a career in Psychology wasn't for me. I was also the only part-time student and my tutors didn't support me in my research or in what I was hoping to achieve as a career, especially, a doctorate in Psychology. However, I always knew that I just had to keep going no matter what challenges came my way.

So, here I am today, after nine years of working with children and young people to gain enough experience and after two previous unsuccessful applications to study for my doctorate in Counselling Psychology, I decided to give it one last shot in February 2017. I applied to one university (City, University of London) and to my surprise I found out that I was successful in May 2017 and it still hasn't hit me yet! The last 9 years have been dedicated to gaining as much experience in my field as possible. For me, it was never just about having all these qualifications but it was more about gaining the experience to accompany the knowledge that I was to gain through my studies.
In essence, it has truly been a journey and I can finally say that I appreciate the process, the challenges, the setbacks, the closed doors and all the jobs that helped me grow, the beautiful moments and experiences along the way.

What is the aim of this campaign?

The aim of this campaign is to raise some of the funds or whatever I can towards my tuition fees for my Doctorate which is due to start this October 2017 at City, University of London. The course is in Counselling Psychology which will qualify me to practice as a Chartered Counselling Psychologist. I will be required to take on three years of intense study which will also involve conducting my own research and undertaking clinical placements throughout the three years within the NHS, Prisons, Private practice, Schools and various other organisations. I also hope to continue volunteering as a Samaritans volunteer.
Unfortunately, my doctorate is not funded like other Psychology doctorates. Initially, I thought that I would be able to cover the full cost of my studies through full-time work but I have realised that it would be impossible to do so because it would leave me with little time to focus on my studies and my placements. Unfortunately, PhD loans are not available until 2018 and there is no way to determine if I would be accepted for a PhD loan. Therefore, I have to be honest and recognise that I need a little help...

What does a Counselling Psychologist do?

A Counselling Psychologist uses psychological theory and research in therapeutic work to help clients (elderly, adults, young people and children) in various settings with a variety of emotional and mental health problems. This includes, working through problems, such as, substance misuse, eating disorders and domestic violence. Essentially, the role of a Counselling Psychologist is to help people to cope, work through and manage their mental health issues, emotional problems and challenging situations. So, once I qualify I will be able to work with children of all ages and adults within the NHS, schools, prisons and private practices, as well as, be a part of ongoing research in this field in order to improve the effectiveness of these services. My hope is that with your help and generosity I will be able to  start my studies and work towards all children, young people and their families having access to quality counselling services that alleviate the barriers and challenges that they face to enable them to fulfil their potential. 

How much is the total cost of my course?

My tuition fees are as follows:

Year 1 - £9, 500
Year 2 - £9, 500
Year 3 - £9, 500
Total: £28, 500

It's a lot I know...as daunting as it is I am still in the process of applying for grants and so far I have been unsuccessful , HOWEVER I endeavour to keep trying. I also have to pay towards living costs and travel throughout the duration of the course and I hope to cover the cost of this through part-time work.

Lastly, thank you for taking the time to view my page, your generosity, and for your kind donations.
Faye xx

Below are a few pictures and some of my 'favourites’, those who have been with me throughout this journey, they have listened to me and all my crazy experiences along the way! I will forever be grateful for their encouragement, love, support and listening ears.

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