Stile Italiano Deli BOX

Stile Italiano Deli BOX

DELI BOX of genuine Italian Food&Wine imported from Italy delivered at your door..we want to deliver in all UK soon Thanks your pledge!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The real Italian’s culinary powers not only came from the love and special recipes, but also from local products made through time-honored traditions and by artisans committed to their craft.

And for that reason, we built up our business online — so that both you and I can travel to Italy via our kitchens, exploring each regional taste not only through its authentic food but also through the story and loving local recipes.

We aim to maintain our family values and use this to maintain close personal relationships with long term customers and suppliers.

We introduced the innovative practice of personal home wine and food -tastings. Our aim continues to be to share this passion with you and to show how wine can be enjoyed without being intimidating. We love what we do and we are passionate about helping you find the perfect food & wines.