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The aim is to provide stickers for ALL the cull zones so that activists can take actions & re-label appropriate products.Let's end the cull.

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For 3 years now badgers have been shot, trapped and persecuted as part of Natural England's horrendously stupid culling policy. They are pushing to eliminate 70% of ALL badgers, regardless of infection, through culling. However there documents  stating that only total badger elimination from UK countryside would be effective.

The clue is in the name if the disease  "BOVINE TB". It is the cattle that is giving badgers the pathogen, not the other way around. Even when the badgers are shot they are not testing for b.TB! How mad is that? So they are killing badgers, 95% of  which aren't even infected.



By creating labels for goods, we can inform the public and raise awareness of this illogical and murderous act being carried out for the dairy and meat industries. By hitting consumer choices hard, we hope this will change  the public's buying patterns and affect change to government policy. The cull isn't working despite NFU (National Farmers Union) misinformation and it is only being forced through to garner votes from the farming communities, who are already causing massive damage to our wildlife.

It is hoped you can help fund, through amounts as small as £2. The costs are that 400 stickers cost around £30 incl. The target is to produce a further 2000, with another donation to be given, by the sticker creator, to the project. 

The Natural England  cull monitoring paper states:"The minimum number is intended to correspond to a 70% reduction of the population relative to the initial starting population before the culls started in 5 2013. The culling objective is for no more than 30% of the starting population to remain on conclusion of the cull. The 70% target is derived from the Randomised Badger Control Trial (RBCT) where it was estimated that the culls achieved a mean of 70% control of the starting populations across the 10 areas, which resulted in disease reduction benefits for the cattle herds in those areas". (Setting the minimum and maximum numbers for Year 2 of the badger culls Advice to Natural England August 2014 ).

By funding the production of more stickers for supermarket hits we can reinforce the work being done by badger patrols and sett surveys. The first batch were self funded through working overtime, but the project need another injection of funds to take this action across all zones.  Campaigns such as this have been successful in the past and the creator of the project has worked within Greenpeace, War on Want, Earth First and other campaigns with good success rates. Remember, if you will, we are fighting a massive industry and the NFU (a powerful lobby group) and we can make gains against these bodies only through direct action, consumer choices and protest.

Thank you for your time, the hope is you love badgers and can help a little.

Kind Regard


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