Stick it to me

Project by Alan Ball
Stick it to me

After being ripped of too many times as a small business by product label companies, I feel owning my own printer would much more beneficial

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This project will only be funded if at least £1,750 is pledged by 10:38am 10th October 2018

This project will only be funded if at least £1,750 is pledged by 10:38am 10th October 2018

What I'm about?

I knew from an early age I would one day work for myself. I never knew when or how, just that I would. After 20 years of working for different companies, that time has now come. Being married to an aromatherapist our house has always smelled amazing. Although I never really took interest, I just enjoyed the smells and the occasional massage. This is where my passion and obsession with essential oils grew from. 

I started to research the market and found it to be a very big market which is set to increase 9% over the coming 4 years. Anyhow, what I did notice, especially in the America, that there are 2 huge companies that are dominating the market. But have you seen the price of an individual oil? Some can be as expensive as £50 a 10 ml bottle. During my research, I also noticed that there are certain type of audiences and mostly female; health and wellbeing, meditation, spiritual, medicinal just to name a few. Now, I also noticed after speaking with others and again researching, is the other side of the market, everyday people who do not practice anything, think that essential oils are for these niche audiences. Although there is some truth its not entirely true and thats were I want to help. 

If you take a look at most websites that sell essential oils, it is basically very much uniformly the same. Which I believe may only attract certain people. I want to try and change this perception, so that anyone and everyone feels they can buy essential oils for whatever reason. 

Once the business starts to grow It will become more than essential oils, I intend to sell my own homemade products too that will use the products we sell individually as well as other big ideas. 

Why am I here?

Well, I am glad you asked. I have started this business with basically no capital. I just cannot get any funding, bank loans. Like most other people I don't have spare money, but I wont let that stop me. So far I am fortunate in that i have self taught myself many skills over the years and now they all seem to be coming together. I am a photographer with over 10 years experience, so I can take my own photos, big saving. I have taught myself web design/development (Intermediate) which obviously helps to build my website and more recently I have and am still doing taught myself graphic design. I know, I know, these are not skills to run a business, but they are good enough to help me build a brand for when the business is up and running. 

Back to the point, I have come hear to create a project called 'Stick it to me'. 

After dealing with at least 15 printing companies nationally, Ive come to realise that owning my own label printer would be so much more beneficial. Out of these 15, i have negotiated with 5 of these companies and have been quoted too much and I am still not anywhere yet. 

These label companies (which I understand are businesses themselves and I am not having a go)) don't seem to want to help small businesses. 

Due to my business having different scents (I have started out with 11) they want to charge a set up fee plus label costs per template, this mounts up quickly to approx £400-500 per batch, then when i grow and add new ranges I will be charged again for the new templates. Also, my essential oils need to have a batch code and best before date on them which is a good selling point but these will change with new orders, again, these companies will have to charge me for the changes. As a start up I just cannot fund this, I can't sell the product to make any income as I need the labels. 

The image is to show you the template I designed. The labels you see in the photo are from a friend of a friend that we used as samples, but I cannot afford the actual cost of production from them. 

So, I have done some researching into label printers and it would be much more beneficial and cost effective to own my own. I could print as many as required, make the necessary changes as and when required and when i add new products to my collection, I will be able to print straight away. This would be one less obstacle for me to overcome.

And maybe, once this business is in full flow, I maybe be able to become that printing company that helps out small/new businesses and allow them to fulfil their orders without the hassle I have had to go through.

At the moment, I have absolutely nothing to offer. I cant even send you a sample of the essential oils as they have no labels on them. Maybe if I'm successful with my project and once my oils are labelled up I could provide samples

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