SteWays Cafe please help us create our dream

SteWays Café please help bring our café to life play our video and read the project description thanks

We did it!

On 26th Feb 2016 we successfully raised £5 with 1 supporter in 28 days




Me and my partner don’t really have a lot of savings, and really want to run our own business we have tried with many MAN & VAN, CARPET CLEANING, SHABBT CHIC and also CANDLE MAKING it hadn’t really coast to start theses as much as the cafe will.

my partner had in the past loved cooking and did so in a Michelin star restaurant so then after knew what he always wanted to do it’s his passion. The cafe will be a starting point to open up a cafe/restaurant we both will be running this cafe together and I am going to be supporting him all the way. hence why I am trying for this crowdfunding.

We don’t have our family’s there for us to help with funding as my mum and dad live in a council flat on benefits my dad drinks with depression and mother has a really ill mental health condition they both don’t work; I would like to make them both proud of me.


We heard about this site watching TV the other day on botched up body’s there was this woman crowdfunding to get bigger boobs and raised money to help her full fill her dream as she was going through transgender, so I said to my partner look at that Stephen why don’t we try it and hopefully get our cafe up and running. as we have been trying to get this to work.


Please help us with building a dream for a future once we have been successful we will try and pay everyone back for what we get to say.





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