Stevens Hostel Fund

Stevens Hostel Fund

We know there are so so many homeless people out there that need our help - but this is a really good place to start.

We did it!

On 4th Apr 2016 we successfully raised £593 of £500 target with 40 supporters in 42 days

New stretch target

Thank you to everyone who helped us reach our target of £500...

This extra money will go towards further supporting Steven and Winston to get longer in a hostel so he can have a fixed address for as long as we can fund it for him !!



Whilst walking around in Brighton there is no end to the number of people you see down and out on their luck - countless men and women who have no where to go and have had to resort to sleeping on the streets.


A little while ago we had the pleasure of really getting to know a lovely guy called Steven - he told us his story and we were moved beyond words.

He has spent his life - 25 years to be exact - working as a care assistant - looking after children and young adults who were victims of abuse and violence. Just before Christmas 2015 he lost his job due to cut backs and has been on the street ever since. He is someone who has supported people around you into getting back into a stable and fulfilling life - he has helped countless people and now he is the one who needs your support.

He had a lovely flat, a car, and a loving staffie called Winston - now he and Winston have lost everything but each other.  


We know there are so so many homeless people out there that need our help - but this is a really good place to start.

We just want to raise some money to ensure Steven and Winston can have a fixed address long enough for him to begin searching for a new job - which he will have absolutely no problem getting -  he just needs a roof over his head.

Steven is a shining example of what can happen to any of us - leading a normal life only to end up in a situation that you can't get out of through no fault of your own.

Wouldn't you like to be shown the same consideration if you were in his position ? We are all only 2 steps away from being homeless at any point in our lives - meeting Steven has really brought that realisation home for us and we hope his story does the same for you.

Next time you see a homeless person on the street please don't just assume they are going to be a drunk or a drug addict - they are a person just like you and need someone to be there for them.


Thank you for reading this and please donate what you can.


Thank you




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