Contemporary art made from memories

Contemporary art made from memories

Oral history research (re. the fashion inspired memories of a group of retirees) as inspiration for a collection of contemporary art

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I only need £450 to get my latest project started!

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I would really value your help

but it doesnt all have to come from you, every single pound will help!


I forsee 2 equally exciting outcomes:

1) a new collection of paper couture inspired by a historic setting and historic fashion

2) treasured memories of retirees collected for posterity and incorporated into contemporary works of art

Danny House Exterior - A 1 Minute Film



This is Danny house (see:

a stunning Tudor mansion that has been home to:

a member of the court of 

Queen Elizabeth I;

the second cousin/namesake of Jane Austen;

Prime Minister David Lloyd George, who held Imperial War Cabinet meetings in the Great hall (to name but a few).




Today it’s home to 28 retirees

with fascinating life experiences between them (including meeting Hitler!)


£450 will cover:

the travel and material costs involved in stage 1 of my project: visiting and talking to Danny's current residents, asking each of them to tell me the story surrounding one garment/outfit they wore at a significant event in their lives;


you'll be able to follow the development of the project and/or get involved in supporting:

Stage 2 - the design of a collection of (paper) garments inspired by my research 

Stage 3 - producing and exhibiting of the collection in Danny's Great Hall

For more details regarding the entire project and my eventual plans for a life-sized Tudor-style dress/other striking works of paper art see:


...each stage of the project depends on funding. So I'm asking for your support now!


My interest in oral history:

My dad wrote his memoir just before his (un-predicted) death in 2010. Its an invaluable resource for my family. He titled it 'An ordinary man' because that's how he viewed himself (despite the fact that he'd done some extraordinary things). He wrote it because I asked him to. He's buried in a village not far from Danny.

The voices of the older generation are often drowned out today by the technological clamour of the young. Many people, as they age, think that personally they have less to offer/less (perhaps) that anyone wants to hear. But at all ages we share many things in common and the stories of older generations have always had the potential to educate/inspire the young. Access to the arts (and the work of artists) has been proved to improve the health and well being of older people, which in turn helps foster a healthier/happier society. I want to work with the older generation with particular reference to reminiscence. I hope to go on from this one and develop more projects that involve interesting, light-hearted, stimulating sessions in which older people can enjoy rediscovering/sharing their memories in new and meaningful ways.



a few pounds now...then follow the project and watch out for your chance to get involved again!


Rewards on offer:

A signed (limited edition) black and white/sepia postcard created (specially for contributors at this stage) from the very first photograph I receive with permission, showing a treasured memory involving historic fashion.

There will also be a special private view evening for all contributors should the final stage of the project come to fruition.


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