Stella Creasy's Campaign Fighting Fund

by Stella Creasy- Working For Walthamstow in 

Stella Creasy's Campaign Fighting Fund
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On 27th September 2018 we successfully raised £740 with 10 supporters in 56 days

To fund an additional member of staff for Stella Creasy's Campaign team.

by Stella Creasy- Working For Walthamstow in

Labour and Cooperative MP Stella is an activist and change maker. She’s relentlessly committed to her constituency and someone who can go beyond the tribe and work with MPs of all parties, academics, lawyers, campaigners and communities across the country to make change happen. She is a champion of women’s issues, and those alleviating poverty, she is pro European and anti Trump. Whatever the world – or trolls- throw at her, she doesn’t flinch. And more importantly, she gets results. Whether taking on the payday lending industry, the DUP or greedy landlords and PFI companies Stella's campaigns have delivered real change. 

In the coming months Stella intends to lead the fight to decriminalise abortion, take on more legal loan sharks, put misogyny on a par with racial and religious hatred in sentencing, tackle the damage Brexit is doing, address gang crime in her community and end the gender pay gap. To do this she needs help, and MPs offices are woefully underfunded- especially backbench ones. That’s where we come in - we want to support her work through small donations from each of us to help her gain a vital extra member of staff to work on securing these campaigns and projects. With the powerful anti- choice lobby already mobilising and austerity cutting deep in her community, every penny towards this person will make a real difference to Stella's ability to fight their influence on British politics. 

Any individual who is registered on the UK electoral register (a British citizen, or an Irish, EU or qualifying Commonwealth citizen living in the UK) is able to make a political donation. Please note, we will ask for your details to be able to verify you are eligible to donate and if we can't confirm you are eligible to donate, we will cancel the donation.

This donation page is published by Andy Dixon on behalf of Stella Creasy, both at 23 Orford Road E17 9NL. 

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