Steiner School Voyage of a life time

Class 6/7 at the Cambridge Steiner School hope to go on a voyage of a lifetime!

We did it!

On 28th Nov 2017 we successfully raised £845 with 21 supporters in 56 days

Class 6/7 at the Cambridge Steiner School are going on the voyage of a lifetime! For three days and nights we will sail around the Isle of White upon the Lord Nelson. She is a 160 foot long tall ship owned by the Jubilee Trust. They are world leaders in promoting inclusion of all abilities through Tall ship sailing. Class 6/7 will be joined by Elmfield school as well as by young people from our neighbours, the disabled charity Eddies.

Next year we will be studying the age of Exploration: the monumental journeys of Columbus, Captain Cook and Magellan. The children are on the brink of adolescence; a great journey of discovery awaits them. Therefore these epic adventures into unknown worlds resonate strongly with them. There is great excitement, but much courage is called for to travel out into the unknown and many challenges must be overcome. Sailing on a tall ship reminiscent of the Santa Maria; Columbus’s flagship, will give the children a profound experience of what it must have been like. Much the same skills we be required to sail her, as the children climb up the rigging to the crow’s nest “Pirates!!”.

All voyagers will make their contribution, whatever their ability. Everyone will need to work together to keep the ship running – this will involve: doing night watch and navigating, swabbing the decks and cooking, as well as setting the sails and helming. We feel this is a unique opportunity to develop our ability to work in a team and learn from the particular challenges of life at sea, with a mixed ability crew. It will be a highly memorable experience that will enrich our education, deepen our connection to the material we will study and nurture our sense of inclusion.

We are looking to raise the sum of £ 5040. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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