STEAM Lewisham CIC

by Matthew Tucker in London, England, United Kingdom

STEAM Lewisham CIC
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Empower youth and young homeless. Providing STEAM based learning, life skills, qualifications, parkour, career help, apprenticeships &events

by Matthew Tucker in London, England, United Kingdom

Thanks everyone for reading this.

This project is something amazing like nothing else you've heard of before and it will change lives for the better forever! You can help to be a part of this.

So let's look at some statistics for a quick sec.


Top for youth homelessness in London, Top 3 in UK

Top 5 for poverty in London

Top for Crime in London

Top for youth exclusions from school in London


Living in the area for over 10 years and having worked in the school system for over 8 years I have seen many problems and have seen these issues first hand. 71 out of 77 South East London schools have had cuts and dropped so many subjects that young people love. Homelessness among young people has risen by 135% over the last 5 years. Additionally funding for youth centres being cut, leaving a big hole for 1000s of disolutioned, demotivated, depressed, unhappy young people many that are getting excluded, 38 every day statistically... these young excluded grow up to make over 70% of the prison population.

This can't continue! MORE NEEDS TO BE DONE! That is where we come in. 

STEAM Lewisham CIC is a new type of organisation, CIC stands for a community interest company. So everything we are about is to help and support the community. We will work with charities, the government and other organisations to provide a robust and revolutionary system of Life enhancing provision that caters specifically to excluded young people, those with alternate education provision or referred from a school or pru and homeless young people between the ages of 16-25.

STEAM stands for Science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. We will be providing sessions that combine these disciplines holistically and practically in a problem solving driven programme that deals with creating solutions, invention, design, media, the arts, robotics and much more in an engaging hands on way. They will gain vocational qualifications and work experience placements as well as apprentichips to get these disadvantaged young people to have a kick start in a STEAM based career. We will also include parkour classes and athletics with circuit training as a sports discipline for the young people and then they will have a chance to test out their skills on various obstacle courses and have camping activities out of the City.

This is all about empowerment not damage control, this isn't another youth project this is the beginning of a movement, a cultural revolution that will create young inventors, young artists, filmmakers, public speakers, dancers, authors, musicians, architects, engineers, aspiring sporting professionals and more. 

Gaining life skills in cookery from qualified chefs, mindfulness skills from qualified psychologists, financial skills from a qualified accountant, careers consultancy and business skills as well as interview coaching from a CIPD qualified business specialists who used to work for Google and the BBC. 

They will have opportunities like never before. 

They will get to take part in community building events and performances, community refurbishment projects, benevolent help projects to support other members of the community in need. They will be empowered to empower others as well as gain independence and opportunities to take back their future for the better.

This is STEAM Lewisham in a nutshell and we don't want it to just stay local forever but once up and running, to expand London wide and nationwide. Let's restore hope, aspiration and innovation to a generation! Let's network communities! Let's break down barriers! Let's empower the least able to empower themselves!

But we need your help to get this ball moving.

We have the specialists ready and waiting, the right team and the right people, we have the partners and the connections, we only need the capital. Help us to steam through Lewisham and reach the kicked out, pushed out, down and out and the community with this exciting new initiative.

Please be a part of this. 

Thank you for your support and consideration.

STEAM Lewisham.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£40 or more

£40 Reward

You will receive a STEAM Lewisham Tshirt with your personalised steampunk codename on it. You can let us know your size and colour and we will have it made for you!

£20 or more

£20 Reward

A STEAM Lewisham coffee mug! A nice steaming beverage to get you up in the morning. On us with anything above 20.

£60 or more

£60 Reward

You will get the Tshirt and a snazzy high quality drawstring bag STEAM Lewisham style!

£100 or more

£100 Reward

You will receive all of the previous rewards PLUS a promise from us at STEAM Lewisham to have a special place on our wall of valour! Which will mean when we get our own building, your name will be on it... or your Steampunk name if you prefer to remain anonymous. Additionally you will get invited to all events and be credited on the special thanks list on all future film and documentary media productions that come out of STEAM Lewisham.

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