Stealing the Light from the Institution

by Kirstin Claxton in Bath, England, United Kingdom

Stealing the Light from the Institution


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To build a room in the skylight of the institution to host a place of experimentation and possibility, for thinking, sharing and discussion.

by Kirstin Claxton in Bath, England, United Kingdom

Stealing the Light from the Institution - Making G(host) Space

Background to my project

I am an artist/curator and have recently completed M.A. Curatorial Practice at Bath Spa University. I collaborate with other people to create physical and symbolic contexts to trigger conversations about socio, ecological and economic issues that affect our lives, playfully disrupting environments to see and experience the world differently.

In November 2018 I inhabited the art college through a series of night works. Over 72 hours I repeatedly built, unbuilt and rebuilt structures in the main communal area of the college. I had conversations with staff, students and the invisible workforce that underpin any institution, security staff and cleaners, uncovering what it is to belong or to be outside of something. 

After two and a half years studying, I am placing my work in direct conversation with the art college to explore it’s potential and responsibility to be at the vanguard of critical social change, asking, how might creative thinking and the arts help in shaping our environments and our future.

How I will use the money

I will work with SGB scaffolders to construct a room from a lost space within Bath Spa University. Squatter, guest, interloper, I will occupy the skylight area for two weeks. It will be open to students, staff, visitors to use in a variety of ways; a meeting place, sleeping place, thinking place, staff room for the cleaners, it meets the needs of space that has not previously existed. It will be a test space for ideas, eating together, discussions and debates.  A space to explore value and the cost of the arts, time, labour, cultural capital, care, cooperation, what and how we chose to make visible. A place of experimentation for all those who use the building. Funds will cover costs of installing scaffolding structure, programming the space, hosting, looking after and taking care of students, staff and visitors within it.   

My vision

I believe that action changes thinking, my work invites actions which might find new ways to explore our understanding, question our irrationality, and what we accept as reality might be fantasy or illusion. I believe we can find new ways of working together. My vision is to discover something unexpected when we temporarily borrow the light from the institution co-inhabiting to model an alternative community in the skylight.

Why Stealing the Light and making G(host) Space is important

This is important work in the art of being and the art of caring in our current climate of precarity and inequality. G(host) Space will create a space in the light providing an open invitation to explore care and the conditions needed to take risks, find energy and shape the world differently. 

Let's make 'Stealing the Light from the Institution' happen