South Tyneside Community Laundry CIC

South Tyneside Community Laundry CIC

To renew our broken laundry machinery so that we can continue our vital work servicing elderly/disabled & terminally ill residents

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

South Tyneside Community Laundry has provided a non-profit laundry service with free door to door collection & delivery for vulnerable, disabled, elderly & terminally ill residents within our borough for over 25 years. This is a vital service, especially for those that are bed-ridden and those that don't have any family members to carry out their washing, or those that simply cannot afford a washing machine.

We are a self funding community interest company and do not seek funding for our day to day running costs, but unfortunately most of our commercial machinery has now come to the end of its life span and desperately needs replacing.

Whatever monies that can be raised will go directly towards the cost of purchasing new or refurbished commercial equipment, so that we can continue this vital service for the hundreds of beneficiaries  who regularly rely on this project.

Thank you for your anticipated support.