aims to create a global travel portal free of commissions and booking fees

Unfortunately, this project was not successful has been created by Bed and Breakfast owners who are tired of being charged commissions and their clients being charged booking fees by the Online Travel Agents.

These companies are now so big, most Bed and Breakfast owners wonder if they are really self employed or actually working for them, on average the OTA's charge 15% commission, in effect ripping around 50% from the B&B's profits!

What has created is a platform where Bed and Breakfasts can register their properties for free, promote their accommodation in a totally proffessional manner with support and training provided by the team and update their Real Time Availability using ical and xml connectivity.

A platform that will enable the B&B owners to work together as a community. needs to register thousands of B&B's in 2017 to make this work, so that by the middle to end of 2017 it will be a meaningful competitor to the travel giants and an invaluable tool for travellers.

To fund we will ask eveyone you joins as an accommodation owner or a traveller if they would like to make a Donation to what is in effect "Your Portal"

This money will ALL be re-invested in technology and support.

Accommodation owners and travellers will also be asked to make donations after they have booked or stayed at one of the B&B's listed within has also created software and e-learning programs for the B&B owners, software that is best in class both in it's low price and it's quality. 

These products will also help fund the project and can be seen at and

Thank you for taking the time to understand more about and the BIG IDEA's Yvonne, Leon, Ivan and myself have.

Best regards