Stay Safe TV tackles huge social issues

Stay Safe TV - A online human development platform designed to tackle bullying, wokrplace assaults and skill shortages - confidence & comms

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Let us introduce ourselves, we are Gary and Dawn from Change Makers Unite CIC. We are brother and sister who, over the last 25 years, have been working with the police, army, schools and vulnerable people towards changing lives.

We are looking for support to develop a platform called Stay Safe TV.

Stay Safe TV will be a new social media human development platform that has been designed to empower, inspire and enrich the lives of those who use it. Stay Safe TV will encompass 7 main key areas:

• Bullying - Costs the UK economy a staggering £18 billion per year
• Workplace Safety - Assaults have risen by 22% in the last 2 years 
• Personal Leadership - Personal skills shortage - Confidence etc
• First Aid - A subject that should be mandatory in schools 
• Parenting Skills - Behaviour Management to core life skills
• Fit & Healthy - Health & Wellbeing activities to tackle obesity 
• Safe Women - 1 in 3 suffer domestic violence

With our expert knowledge (we are both qualified professionals in our fields), and a team of professional trainers, mentors and coaches, programs will be designed and incorporated into the 7 areas above to make a difference. 

Users will increase their safety, confidence, communication skills, stress management techniques, parenting skills, personal development and basic first aid skills.

We are driven to change the lives of vulnerable young people going through the Youth Justice System and supported by leading charities, so, with every member that prescribes to a monthly subscription we will automatically guarantee to sponsor a vulnerable person for free!! 

In order to do this, we are currently working on relationships with the Youth Justice Board and numerous charities to not only have a measurable outcome for each vulnerable person but also to support them going through the system by helping them to get back into society in a positive way changing their lives for the better. 

Stay Safe TV will be an outlet for positive educational solutions with a huge enthuses on celebrating powerful and inspiring stories from individuals who have overcome challenges and now inspire those around them. To do we will use the platform to broadcast daily video content including interviews, stories and short films.

Risks and challenges

The research and development that has gone into STAY SAFE TV has taken place over several years and includes:

Designing numerous training solutions for children and women 
Create an anti-bullying app for schools 
Working with front line emergency personnel - Paramedics etc 
Setting up and running a charity called "Young People are our Future"

We have enough content to populate the platform for the first three months and are in the process of developing a community of content providers who in exchange for having the opportunity to create a marketing profile for themselves on the platform are willing to share some of their content at no cost to vulnerable users.

To ensure the quality of thier content, we have spent the last couple of months creating content specifications.

Once the platform is launched we have created a sustainable income model that supports vulnerable people and victims. Essentially this is a unique subscription site where users will have access to a community of experts and through their own subscription will automatically sponsor a vulnerable person who we will identify and record their progress through the site.

We have done a lot of research into corporate employee schemes and their CSR policies and we believe this sponsorship model can be very attractive to companies.