Stay Home Save Lives Merchandise

by Nathan Peters in Ilford, England, United Kingdom

Stay Home Save Lives Merchandise


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Raising awareness to STAY HOME so we can end the lockdown sooner. We'll pay celebrities with large followings to wear this on their page.

by Nathan Peters in Ilford, England, United Kingdom

Our Goal 

Sell millions of t-shirts and hoodies worldwide, generating a worldwide message to STAY AT HOME so we can end lockdown sooner. Whenever someone goes out unnecessarily, they are jeopardizing the health of our nation, leading to more deaths and casualties. 

How It Works

Every time 1 person goes out wearing our "Stay Home Save Lives" t-shirt, this will encourage at least 25 people who go outside unnecessarily to stay at home, so imagine what would happen if 1 million people bought a t-shirt, think about how fast we can slow the spread? The government says lockdown will end in 3 weeks but this is NOT CONFIRMED!. If we all stayed at home, lockdown would end sooner

We will be using your kind donation for advertising on social media celebrity's large numbers of followers to wear a hoodie on their social media page to generate brand awareness quickly, however their rates will not be cheap.  We urgently need your help. 

Who Will Benefit From This?

#1 ~ Our Doctors & Nurses 

Our healthcare soldiers have fought hard the last few months, putting their lives on the line to protect our nation, it would be disrespectful not to show our gratitude and sympathy. 

This is the current death toll of doctors and nurses who have died due to coronavirus:

  • Italy — at least 66
  • China — at least 13
  • U.K. — at least 5
  • France — at least 5
  • Spain — at least 5
  • Iran — at least 3
  • U.S. — at least 1
  • Greece — at least 1
  • Poland — at least 1
  • Pakistan — at least 1

#2 ~ The Elderly & Vulnerable

Those, especially above the age of 70 and those with underlying health conditions, have the highest risk of contracting a viral infection, so we can all help out by encouraging people to stay at home. 

#3 ~ Yourself

Yes! That's correct! By making a donation, not only are you saving yourself from someone potentially passing you the virus, but you are also helping us end the lockdown sooner, so you can return to your jobs, businesses, cafes and more again!  

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