Status - Social Media Platform

by Status in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom

Status - Social Media Platform
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To provide a safe & fun social media app for everyone, worldwide.

by Status in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom

What is Status?

Status is what i want to become a social media platform, a platform that with the right investment & the right people, will within the first 5 years become one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide.

What will make Status different to other social media platforms?

I have an array of ideas that i believe is going to set Status apart from your global conglomerates like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram just to name a few. These features i will go into further detail later on in this presentation. In 2020 people aren't wanting to have to go from app to app for different things, but i will outline what i have in mind for that further on in the presentation.

What made you come up with the concept of Status?

For 5 years i have been working as an Aviation Security Officer at an international airport. I like the responsibilty of the job but the i feel there isn't anywhere within the airport for me to be able to build a lasting career. Since the rise of Covid-19 i, like a lot of my colleagues have been placed on furlough and since then i have had an abundance of down time and this is where i decided on the concept of Status as a social media platform During the recession between 2008-2010 such apps as Uber, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Instagram & Venmo. It is looking like Covid-19 could potentially cause another recession and i feel that now is the best time to act and give the public a new social media experience, a new social media option.

What are the features you have in mind?

There various features i have in mind and i feel that they're features that are going to help set this platform apart from the likes of Facebook. People, if they had the option to be able to do a lot of things through one app would prefer to do that than switching between apps.

Status Marketplace:- Facebook marketplace has become outdated and goes relatively unmonitored and this allows for people to be taken advantage off & has given scammers a platform to be able to offer people items that they don't even have to sell and this results in buyers losing the money without any protection from Facebook. I want Status Marketplace to become a feature with the Status social media app that will allow people to sell items at fixed prices or in an auction style format. To provide buyers with confidence, sellers who want to sell on the marketplace will be required to provide ID that matches their Status profile. This would provide buyers with the confidence that the people they're purchasing items from are genuine people.

How will customers pay for Status Marketplace bought items? 

For items that are purchased through the Status Marketplace feature, buyers will eventually pay through another feature that is specific to that Status Marketplace and that is the paying feature called Status Pay. This will offer PayPal like protection to buyers. If an item is marked as collection only then Status Pay wouldn't be required as it would be a face to face exchange of the item and cash. Research shows that people prefer to receive items by post rather than meeting with someone face to face.

 Status Takeaway:- The concept of Status Takeaway within the Status app is a feature that i would ultimately like to be added within the first 2 years of the app being live on Android & iOS. The idea behind this is again the fact that if people had the option to do so, they'd  do as many things as they can through just one app instead of switching back and forth. The idea within the first 2 years before adding this feature is to try and get as many fast food takeaway companies on board by sending out a small presentation pack which would outline the fees included in being able to sell takeaway through Status Takeaway. Having done research on the likes of JustEat, i have found a lot of takeaway companies find that the fees imposed by JustEat are a little bit high and this has resulted in them having to increase the minimum amount of spend required for delivery. I want to be able to capitalise on that and offer much more fair fees.

How will customers pay for their Takeaway?

The plan at present would be for the food to be paid for through your regular Sagepay or Worldpay using credit or debit card. Ultimately i would like to allow Status Pay to the payment options for Status Takeaway.

Status Job Search

I want Status to be a platform for indiviuals but i also want it to be a place for businesses to advertise their vacancies for people to apply for, but i also want business to have that opportunity to headhunt individuals who will have uploaded their resume/cv to Status Job Search. The catalyst for this is again the fact that if people could have as many features within one social media platform that they'd prefer this to switching back and forth to different apps. I would like this feature to be implemented within year 3.

What would you like the plan to be for year 1 of Status?

I want year 1 to be focused on building a stable desktop and app. I want the app to be renowed for being safe for children to use but also as safe environment for all users. I want us to be able to focus and provide adequate protection and a fail safe reporting system to report anything that will go against our guidelines. One of the main focuses has to be allowing children to have a safe social media environment which is free from the plague of sexual predators grooming children online. in 2019 is was estimated in the UK that 1 in 25 children on social media were either asked to send or were sent explicit photos, videos or messages. Since the emergence of lockdown in the UK and the increased use of social media i believe the number is more or less around 1 in 17 children. A lot of the times grooming via social media can often lead to a child meeting up with their groomer. Status needs be a place where children are free from this. A feature i would like to implement is one where a parent is able to link their childs Status and can see incoming messages and incoming friend requests and can also monitor their childs messages. Once a parent feels their child is responsible enough on the platform and feel their child would know what to do in the event of a stranger messaging them they can unlink themselves from the childs accoount. This is just one of the features i'd like in place to combat predators online because millions of children per day via Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram and Twitch are sexual groomed by an adult predator and it kills me to see that kids can't enjoy social media without being bothered by predators.

How can we stop a predator accessing Status once reported & banned?

Most current social media platforms are allowing the use of VPN & proxies when accessing the website & it is also allowing the use of VOIP based numbers. My plan is to banned the use of VPN/proxy & the use of VOIP based numbers on Status. Our reporting system will allow for reported messages and profiles to be reviewed manually but we will also log data upon sign up such as IP address. Once an IP address is banned from Status then it won't allow for a predator to sign back up to the website. But if i a banned IP address does try to sign back up to the website our system will log this and we can get a good idea of which banned individuals are try to access the site after being banned and if required they can be reported to the authorities for their activity on our website based on reports received by other users. Banning the use of VPN & proxy software on Status sign up will stamp out the ability of being able to regain access to the website after being banned.

How will Status attract people to sign up?

Status is going to be unique, safe and fun. An advertising campaign online will be what can draw users to the app. In between 2017-2019 Facebook user numbers dropped by 150m+ and this is partly due to people not feeling safe on the platform and feeling that activity outside of the Facebook platform is still being monitored by Facebook. This is where Status can capitalise on this and can capitalise on other platforms losing users. Eventually we will be actively seeing users leaving other platforms for Status and month by month will see a steady & huge growth in numbers and this will be in part due to the safe & fun social media environment that we offer to our users.

As we progress year by year new features will arrive and ultimately Status will be a social media platform where users can find just about everything they need in once place without having to switch back forth through different apps.

My goal is to gain the trust and investment from investors who would be willing to have faith in my visions for this app. There is room in the market for another social media platform and the uniqueness of Status is going to be one that pulls in users and ultimately turn Status into one of the most popular apps on the internet.

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