Statue of Trump kissing Putin's feet

by Dan Matis in London, England, United Kingdom

Statue of  Trump kissing Putin's feet
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

A new solid bronze statue of Donald Trump bowing and kissing the feet of Vladimir Putin to be commissioned and installed in Central London

by Dan Matis in London, England, United Kingdom

Given the embarrassment that Trump has caused to the USA and the astonishment to its allies and friends, this moment is worthy to be immortalised in bronze forever, for the future generations to see. This is an historic moment, when the USA has turned it's back and even declared economic war to its friends and allies, and is shaking hands with the dictators that seek to destabilise and politically dominate their regions. Countries from the Eastern Europe to the Pacific Islands and south East Asia have developed their democracies and their market economies in the last half of century, based on the political and military guarantee of the United States, that no harm will come to their political and territorial integrity from the rivals of the US. Yesterday,  this guarantee was shattered to bits by the great Don, who bowed down to the Russian dictator and previously he has shaken hands with the nightmarish torturer of North Korea. The state will be full size, human size. The two leaders will be standing on a circular plate of the world,  Putin having one feet in Russia, one in north America, standing over Europe and Trump on his knees in front of him, leaning down to kiss his foot.  Putin is pulling his trouser up to make it more accessible for Trump. Trump will expose a vasal like grimace while putin will arrogantly display a face of victory 

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